Radio Clyde – undisputed No1 again !

The latest RAJAR Release out today shows that 858,000 adults tune in each week to Radio Clyde, that’s virtually double Real Radio’s* 430,000, well over triple Beat’s* 249,000 and nearly ten times bigger than Virgin’s audience.

The figures show that Radio Clyde’s reach has gone up from 45% to 47% and an additional 25,000 new listeners now tune in to Radio Clyde making the station the undisputed number 1 for Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

People in the West of Scotland spend a massive total of 10.6 million hours listening to Radio Clyde and at breakfast, George Bowie on Clyde 1 and Mike Riddoch on Clyde 2 attract an audience of 561,000 a week, well over double that of their nearest commercial competitor, Real Radio and the BBC’s Radio 2 . Together the Radio Clyde breakfast presenters added a whopping 13,000 new listeners to their shows between 6am-10am.

The region’s biggest station, Clyde 1, has added another 21,000 new listeners while the Clyde 2 audience has jumped by a further 23,000. Clyde 2’s market share increased to 11% and listeners spend longer tuned in to their favourite station.

As the champagne corks flew, Radio Clyde’s Managing Director, Paul Cooney said,

“Our audience is up another incredible 25,000 new listeners – that’s on top of 32,000 new listeners that we gained in the last quarter. This shows that Radio Clyde is the undisputed number 1 choice and what a result for Clyde 2 which is the most established heritage station in the West but also the fastest growing station in this market.

In the commercial radio market, Radio Clyde enjoys a massive share, 44.2 % and to have Clyde 2 growing at such a rate shows how the people in Glasgow and the West feel about their favourite station”.

and Mike Riddoch added,

“I’m really pleased and very proud of Radio Clyde and just delighted that more and more people are waking up with me in the morning on Clyde 2”.

Source RAJAR Period ending 20 June 2004.

* Station’s marked with an asterix do not cover the whole of the total survey area.

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