Grime music gets Birmingham station in trouble

New Style Radio 98.7 FM in Birmingham has been found in breach of the Broadcasting Code for broadcasting grime songs of a violent nature.

New Style, a community radio station broadcasting to Afro Caribbean listeners in the Birmingham area, played a track at drivetime which had some of the following lyrics:

“Go on then, go on then, draw for the tool ya, box you in the face with a ruler. Yo, I’ll make the tables turn on you, sh and sperm on you. I’m gonna end your career”.

“Yeah, cuz you’re not ready, you transvestite you’re not ready. Don’t talk about clash, you like to hit a man’s ass cuz it gives you a semi. I said you’re not ready, you transvestite you’re not ready. I don’t care if you’re in a video with Jammer, smash a man’s head with a tele”

The station owners told Ofcom that the “lyrics [were] broadcast accidentally and not deliberately, maliciously or perversely” and accepted that the lyrics were “inappropriate to broadcast whilst children [were] listening”.

The presenter of the show said he was convinced he removed any offensive material but will be greater vigilance in future.

Ofcom said: “In our opinion because the track contained a number of abusive homophobic lyrics as well as sexual references and examples of sexual innuendo, it was capable of causing a considerable degree of offence.”

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 11:44 am by RadioToday

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