Radio pioneer Ian Rufus dies after illness

Ian Rufus, one of the founding members of LBC and the birth of UK commercial radio, has died following an illness.

Ian has been part of the radio industry for many decades, from being at the launch of Hallam, Mercia and Viking FM, right through to being Managing Director of BRMB and a senior executive at GWR.

From the original head of news at Hallam FM, to the birth of the Network Chart and even a few years at BBC local radio, Ian said he’d like to be remembered for his time at Mercia, when he was interviewed by David Lloyd just a few weeks ago.

Ian said: “We built a radio station there in very uncertain economic times, the team of people who put that radio station together turned it very quickly into a very successful story for commercial radio. i hope that is something which will never be forgotten and something I’d like to be most remembered for.”

Listen to his story, recorded recently, below. It will air in full this Sunday from 10pm on inRadio.

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