Global's Make Some Noise so far.. in pictures
Global’s Make Some Noise so far.. in pictures
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Global’s Make Some Noise so far.. in pictures

Presenters from across Global’s radio brands have dressed as their favourite ‘loud icons’ to encourage people around the UK to raise money for Make Some Noise.

Staff from Heart, Capital, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X and LBC dressed as icons known for their love of dressing loud or being loud, including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Freddie Mercury, Blondie, Jim Morrison and Boris Johnson.

Capital London breakfast trio Dave Berry, George Shelley and Lilah Parsons dazzled as Mark Ronson, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Dave Berry borrowed Mark Ronson’s leopard print jacket while Olly Alexander from Years & Years lent his birds of paradise cape, which he sported on stage at Glastonbury this summer, to Capital evening presenter Roman Kemp.

Heart’s Jamie Theakston donned the yellow military jacket and white trousers with red and gold piping to reproduce the ultimate Freddie Mercury look from his final performance with Queen in 1986 at Knebworth.

Smooth presenter Kate Garraway recreated the sultry look from Blondie’s most famous album cover ‘Parallel Lines’ in a white dress and dip-dyed blonde wig.

Radio X’s Vernon Kay donned his leather trousers for his transformation to The Doors superstar and one of music’s most controversial stars, Jim Morrison, while fellow Radio X presenter Johnny Vaughan dressed as ‘Firestarter’ and music maverick Keith Flint from The Prodigy.

Classic FM’s Aled Jones looked imperious in his eighteenth century costume as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, known for his diva-like behaviour and outbursts.

LBC presenter Katie Hopkins dressed as one of Britain’s most outspoken political figures and undoubtedly a loud icon, Boris Johnson.

Here are some of the photos so far:

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Lilah Parsons: “I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry, and if you’re talking loud, I don’t think there are many artists whose outfits are as loud or who have as much fun with their costumes as she does. I wore the most amazing dress which was a replica of the one she wears in her ‘California Gurls’ video and it was the best day. I definitely plan on being Katy Perry a few more times! It’s an honour to be involved in Global’s Make Some Noise. I think the work that the charity does is amazing, and anything that we can do to help make as much noise as possible is brilliant as far as I’m concerned.”

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Vernon Kay: “The Doors was the band that I first fell in love with and when I was in sixth form it provided the soundtrack to my student days. Jim Morrison was a true icon – both musically and visually. He was outspoken and one of those rock stars in the 27 Club who will never be forgotten. Dressing up as him was an honour and also quite a liberating experience – I’ve never worn leather trousers before and I’ve always wanted to give it a try! I’m really happy to be part of Global’s Make Some Noise which helps young people who are struggling.”

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Katie Hopkins: “Global’s Make Some Noise needed a true Brit with balls, bravado and a brilliant command of our beautiful language – step forward Boris Johnson. Last time we met I asked him if he would marry me. It seems only right that I now stalk him in a bad wig to make this happen. I am known for being a gobby cowbag. If I can help Global’s Make Some Noise as a result, then that’s a jolly good thing.”

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Johnny Vaughan: “Keith never took himself too seriously – I like his attitude and I like his style although once I had the wig on I was worried I’d end up looking like Krusty the Clown. I had a lot of fun dressing up as Keith on the day until I went to the pub with Gavin in the evening and I wondered why I was getting funny looks. I still had a lot of make-up on and Gavin hadn’t bothered to tell me. Although Global’s Make Some Noise is only in its third year I go back a long way with this great cause because I was involved with one of its predecessors, Help a London Child, so it’s in my blood. You can see my level of commitment because I had my head shaved and wore a green wig – if that’s not commitment then I don’t know what is. In fact, I had my head shaved for Help a London Child in 2008. There’s a pattern emerging here.”

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Jamie Theakston: “Freddie would have been 70 this year and chances are he would still be with us if he hadn’t died just two years before breakthroughs in treating HIV. Dressing loud is all about expressing yourself to help others and no one did that quite like him. It wasn’t easy trying to recreate his iconic look – there was no one else quite like him and I don’t think there ever will be. I think I look more like a tall Manuel from ‘Fawlty Towers’ or someone auditioning for a Queen tribute band than Freddie. If, by making a fool of myself, it means that just one small charity gets a chance to assist someone who needs their help, then that’s time well spent!”

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Dave Berry: “When I’m asked to dress as my friend Mark Ronson, I think the best thing to do is to message him and ask for something to wear, and with the leopard print jacket he hasn’t disappointed for Global’s Make Some Noise. Cheers Mark! Global’s Make Some Noise is an incredible cause. Giving a voice to smaller charities is just so important as I’ve learned in the two years since we launched in 2014. Plus it gives me a chance to dress up as one of my favourite people ever, Mr Mark Ronson. Mark, thank you so much for the lend of the jacket – it fits like a dream!”

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Global's Make Some Noise - presenters

Aled Jones: “Mozart was the most rock n roll of all the classical composers. He was a genius. When you look through the ages, all the best musicians, artists and actors were a little bit wild, and he was definitely that. I’ve had the time of my life today – I’ve always loved Mozart’s music and now I feel closer to the man because I’ve dressed up as him! Global’s Make Some Noise gives a voice to the little charities that don’t normally get a big say. It’s for the unsung heroes and it makes such a difference to so many people’s lives. I was involved with Global’s Make Some Noise last year in various guises, dressing up more weirdly than this believe it or not, and I’m proud to be associated with it once more.”

Global’s Make Some Noise supports youngsters living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity. On October 7th the third annual appeal day will see all Global’s stations come together to celebrate the projects Global’s Make Some Noise supports with special guests, presenter challenges and money can’t buy prizes.

George Shelley: “I chose to dress as Justin Bieber because he is such an icon of his generation. I think it’s important to get a younger audience involved in Global’s Make Some Noise. Bieber has always taken massive risks with fashion and made bold choices. I used to copy his hair, I literally had Bieber hair growing up so it was fun to recreate the look.”

Kate Garraway: “When I was growing up, everyone had their music camps -– punk, disco, new romantic, pop or whatever but Debbie Harry was the popstar with universal approval. Boys wanted to snog her, girls wanted to be her, me included, so this is my eleven-year old dream come true! She was an achingly cool, angry punk version of Marilyn Monroe, I guess – the classic, sexy blonde for that generation and she is still great now. Her music is fab too – I love playing Blondie on my show on Smooth so I thought I want to be Debbie Harry! I’m not quite sure if I pulled it off, but it’s been fun trying! I had so much fun – I just sat there and was transformed. It turns out though, despite expert help, it’s as hard to pull off Debbie Harry cool today as it was when I was eleven! I still looked like a girl from the Home Counties. I’ve also discovered that it’s actually really hard to look that angry. She did it in a sexy way but I just looked like I’d got a bit of a grump on. I’m still going to sneak the dress and wig home though and play dress up at every chance I can. Global’s Make Some Noise is extraordinary. I know I’ve been very lucky in the cards life has dealt me and so have my children. When you hear what some parents and some youngsters deal with on a daily basis you really count your blessings. The small charities Global is supporting have often been started by people who have been personally touched by the conditions or situations they want to help, so they are passionate about the work they do but they don’t have the budgets or profile of bigger groups. I think it’s wonderful that Global’s Make Some Noise shines a light on these charities. It changes lives for the better – who wouldn’t want to support that?”

Roman Kemp: “I’m a huge fan of Olly Alexander’s style. He’s definitely a loud dresser and his stage outfits are awesome. I love the way he uses fashion and music to express his creativity and stand out, he’s a real inspiration. He kindly lent me the amazing birds of paradise jacket he wore on stage at Glastonbury and I had a lot of fun wearing it although I think he wore it better. Thanks Olly! Global’s Make Some Noise is a great cause and I’m really proud to be involved.”

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