Johnnie Walker drives round Bolton with Peter Kay
Johnnie Walker drives round Bolton with Peter Kay
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Johnnie Walker drives round Bolton with Peter Kay

This December, BBC Radio 2 presenter Johnnie Walker will meet Peter Kay for an exclusive car-share type interview.

It’s part of the Johnnie Walker meets series this Christmas, which also includes Phil Collins and Carly Simon.

The two-hour show with Peter Kay will see the duo get behind the wheel and take to the road for two hours of conversation, laughs and music as they interview each other while taking in the sights of Peter’s home towns of Bolton and Manchester.

The interview is a result of Peter’s fondness for Johnnie as a broadcaster, as Peter explains: “I wrote to Johnnie because I’ve always listened to him – all my life. I love Sounds of the 70s and I just feel that if you like somebody, you should let them know, so I wrote to him and then we had a phone chat. Johnnie said ‘why don’t we do an interview?’ and suggested we could maybe record it in an actual car on the move, in a similar style to Car Share?’ I thought that’d be a great idea brilliant, just a nice drive, a nice chat. I agreed on the proviso that it wouldn’t just be an interview about me. That Johnnie talked too, he’s an interesting man with some fascinating stories.”

Johnnie says: “Peter contacted me saying that he was a fan of the show – which was lovely to hear as I’m such a huge fan of his. You can tell he loves radio from the radio station Forever FM that he created for BBC One’s Car Share. The station was a big part of the show. We got chatting about my Sounds of the 70 show and music in general, and I came up with the idea of doing a special two hour show driving around Bolton whilst having a chat and playing lots of our favourite records. We had a lot of fun on the drive, as you can hear from all the laughter.”

As they drive around the area listeners will be treated to a playlist covering the 1950s to the current day includes Gary US Bonds, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, The Drifters, Mike & The Mechanics, Simon & Garfunkel and Van Morrison.

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