Major weekend programme changes at Radio 2

Saturday mornings on BBC Radio 2 are changing, with Tony Blackburn from 6am and Dermot O’Leary from 8am.

Tony will take over Sounds of the 60s from Brian Matthew in its new timeslot, whilst Dermot will front a new Saturday Breakfast show between 8am and 10am.

Other significant changes include a new Saturday afternoon show for Zoe Ball, 3-6pm, and Bob Harris coming off the Sunday schedule to work on other projects, including Bob Harris Country which continues on a Thursday evening.

Ana Matronic will host a new disco show on a Saturday night, and Anneka Rice, who currently hosts 6am – 8am Saturday, will front a new flagship show called The Happening with Anneka Rice, at midnight on Friday evening.

And Brian Matthew will return for an occasional series of programmes to begin on Easter Sunday called The Brian Matthew Years. Brian will reflect on his life and times in the world of music, to be will be scheduled around Bank Holidays. He’ll host a final Sounds of the 60s show on February 25th.

Tony Blackburn’s new 60s show will be live each Saturday at 6am, and will continue to be produced by Unique Broadcasting. The show will feature “music rarities and the biggest hits of the decade, as well as throwing in some of Tony’s favourite soul tunes from the era”. Tony will continue to present Tony Blackburn’s Golden Hour on Friday nights from 7pm-8pm.

Tony says: “It is an absolute honour to be following in Brian’s footsteps; he is a broadcasting legend and Sounds of the 60s is an iconic show. I started my radio career in ’64 and have amazing memories of playing so many of the great hits first time around. To take over this show, 50 years after joining the BBC, is a real privilege and I can’t wait to get started.”

Dermot’s new show will have live bands, pep talks and Pause for Thought, featuring different contributors from a variety of faiths. Pause For Thought will be produced by TBI Media. Dermot’s show will continue to be produced by Ora et Labora.

Dermot said: “It’s a huge honour to be asked to host the Saturday Breakfast show on Radio 2. I’m really looking forward to waking our loyal listeners up, after Tony and the iconic Sounds of the 60s, on which Brian Matthew did such an incredible job for so many years. We’ll be having sessions from some brilliant artists, plus special guests, listeners on air and hand-picked music. It’s a real privilege to be on Radio 2. I can’t wait.”

Zoe Ball gets a regular show, in which she’ll play “hits of today, great feel-good tunes from the past and some selections from Zoe’s own record collection.” It will also contain the 5 O’Clock Freak Out Kitchen Disco. The show will be produced by Ora et Labora.

Zoe says: “I’m absolutely cockahoop to start my own show on Saturdays on Radio 2. I’ve dusted off my vast record collection – chosen some classic hits from across the decades and have come up with some exciting and equally daft features for the listeners to get involved with. I’ve been listening to Radio 2 since I was a lass, growing up with legends…Terry Wogan, Desmond Carrington and Stewpot to name but three of so many. To follow such broadcasting gods and join the Radio 2 family regularly is an absolute privilege and joy and I can’t wait to get started.”

Bob Harris, talking about leaving the Sunday show, said: “I’ve put my heart and soul into the programme and have been given the freedom by Radio 2 to express my musical passions. I feel incredibly proud to have championed new music with BBC Introducing to bring breakthrough artists on to the show. I’d especially like to thank my listeners who have supported the programme for the past 20 years. But I have some very exciting new projects coming up and making this decision will allow me to dedicate a little more time to them. And I’m really looking forward to still bringing the Radio 2 audience more of the very best in all things country in my weekly show – Bob Harris Country.”

And there are new shows at midnight Friday & Saturday – Anneka Rice doing a disco show on Satuday at 00.00 and Scissor Sister Ana Matronic’s Disco Devotion airing on Sunday at 00.00.

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2 says: “The new Saturday Radio 2 schedule will give listeners a day of music entertainment from some of this country’s most popular and best loved presenters. Brian Matthew is irreplaceable at 8am on a Saturday morning with Sounds of the 60s so we’re moving to a new time of 6am, and I’m confident that Tony will delight listeners with his memories and favourite tunes from the decade. Dermot’s brand new Breakfast show from 8am will wake up the nation in style, and I’m delighted to welcome Zoe and Ana to regular shows on the network. I’d like to thank Anneka for hosting the Breakfast show and we’re looking forward to her new show The Happening with Anneka Rice.”

The Radio 2 Saturday schedule from Saturday 4th March is as follows:

06.00 – 08.00 Tony Blackburn to host Sounds of the Sixties
08.00 – 10.00 Dermot O’Leary to front new Saturday Breakfast show
10.00 – 13.00 Graham Norton
13.00 – 15.00 Pick of the Pops with Paul Gambaccini
15.00 – 18.00 Zoe Ball
18.00 – 20.00 Liza Tarbuck
20.00 – 22.00 Trevor Nelson
22.00 – 00.00 Craig Charles’ House Party

From midnight on Friday 31st March into Saturday 1st April the Radio 2 schedule will be as follows:

00.00 – 02.00 The Happening with Anneka Rice
05.00 – 06.00 Huey Morgan

From midnight on Saturday 1st April into Sunday 2nd April the Radio schedule will be as follows:

00.00 – 02.00 Ana Matronic
05.00 – 06.00 Huey Morgan

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No Comments
  1. Mr B says

    Sorry haven’t tuned into Radio 2 since Janice and Alex finished

  2. Andy says

    The playlists after midnight are soulless and boring. Turn them off immediately.

  3. Neal says

    Oh what joy. Bob Harris removed for another bloody disco show. Why am I paying for a station that is supposed to have a charter in place to provide me an alternative to listen to NOT to copy Heart Capital et all ???!!! Between Bob Harris and Huey Morgan six hours just six bloody hours out of a weekly total of 168 where the person you were listening to pick their own music. Was it really too much to ask for you SS style BBC management to leave these two shows the hell alone. Don’t even get me started on the appalling treatment of Brian Matthew by Radio 2. Wish a good employment lawyer would help him take them to the cleaners. The BBC management wake up call is way overdue! Recommendations of Internet radio stations that could help fill the void left by the removal of these shows gratefully received.

    1. Keith Stimpson says

      Agree with Neal. Bob Harris show is the only time I listen again to Radio 2- ‘it’s the music stupid’, the knowledge, the history and above all the respect that goes with it. The library is burning down.

    2. Paul Jackson says

      Taking Bob Harris off the Sunday show is a disgrace, its the only show I can listen to with absolute pleasure, to hear new music, artists and classics. What goes through the minds of these idiots that decide these things. I actually had a small panic attack over this, listening to the Sunday show is not only a pleasure but a must for me.

      1. Nick says

        I had an email from someone at Radio 2 saying it was Bob`s decision, but he did not say that on his show, and it sounds like the official BBC story to probably placate everyone. Well it is not working.

    3. Jane says

      Neal, check out Radio Paradise, won’t replace Bob Harris or Huey Morgan, but does play some great music…

  4. Mark says

    I can’t understand why Sounds of the Sixties has had to make way for Dermot O’Leary.

  5. Mary Heath says

    What on earth is R2 trying to do, sounds like they want to kill off SOTS quietly, Tim Rice has grown into the presentation but am not at all sure Tony Blackburn will strike the right mood. Sorry to see Anneka go late, farewell and good luck. We shall have to see if Dermot is right for early mornings…. live music at that time…. possibly not. Why do the clever clogs “suits” upstairs have to muck about with things… ?

  6. P Hunter. says

    So agree Dermot is not a close second to Tony Blackburn what an awful management decision. Hey ho much more time to play CD’s. Will only tune in 6-8 and 10-1. Saturdays ruined

  7. kaye says

    Ah will miss Dermot in his previous time slot but thank God the Beeb makes it possible to catch up on his early show

  8. Mr J says

    Don’t belive Bob Harris has gone of his own accord.
    BBC Radio 2 now totally out of touch with its audience and no intelligent music broadcasting left on Radio 2
    A dark day indeed.

    1. Lloyd M says

      He certainly has not…. anyone who had been listening to his show recently would have heard how much he was looking forward to celebrating his 20th year and was looking forward to the future….. (as he said last week, I won’t bang on about it….).
      Why not, Bob? you’ve played Rex Bob Lowenstein enough times!
      I shall follow you wherever as I intend to continue my musical education (I’m 62).

    2. lynne drew says

      Will Anneka n Ana be live …as I was under impression thats why poor Alex Lester n Janice Long got shafted !!! Lynne.

  9. Steve Jones says

    Why take such a well listened programme, Sounds of the Sixties, and start it earlier in the morning, plus replacing it with Dermot O’Leary it’s just pants, what planet are you on? Have you really listened to D.O’L?
    My listening to Radio 2 will be shortened now and more of Smooth Radio etc. You could get rid of Liza Tarbuck….that would help.
    Whoever has devised the schedules does not listen to Radio 2………..
    Here starts the demise of Radio 2 listeners.

    1. Bill Ogden says

      Another thoughtless move by the BBC. SOTS has been a staple Saturday morning diet and hit it just right for it’s schedule time. Changing the presenter was bad enough but 6-8 am ?? Ridiculous. They got it wrong before when they axed Allinsons Albums (another well loved show) and it seems they’ve done it again. I’ll be switching stations on Saurdays from now on.

  10. John Bracknall says

    Very, very sad to lose Bob. Who else will play ” the best music you’ve never heard”?

    What are these “other projects”? Can we listen to them?

  11. Bev Harris says

    Is there a petition we can sign to stop Bob Harris Sunday being taken off ? I was so pleased when he was moved back to the midnight to three slot. Why on earth take off a show which has introduced so many new acts to the general public who listen to radio 2. It’s about time the BBC started to realise where it’s real stars are instead of paying a fortune for its TV presenters.
    So disappointed !

  12. Jan Simms says

    I was devastated that Bob Harris is finishing his Sunday show. It is the only Radio 2 programme I listen to, and I do listen to it in real time. It has been part of my life for so long, I have heard such wonderful music, some known to me, some completely new. Bob is so knowledgeable, and I love to hear his memories of the music world also. So “Thank you” Bob for the music. I just hope you have a similar programme on another radio station in the near future. Unfortunately Country is not my favourite genre so will miss Bob’s wonderful delivery.

    1. Jim says

      Hi Jan.Couldn’t agree more.Bob is my music Bible.BBC Radio 2 out of touch. Suppose the truely awful Steve Bruce and the even worse Ken Bruce are still there though.

  13. Sam M says

    Radio 2 the curious place where , are women are drafted in to replace the regular men, it’s like the brilliant women workers in WWs 1 & 2 do a good job, but only as fill in’s. we are in the 21st century right? this past half term, Sara Cox for Evans, Fern Cotton (not a fan, but still) for Ken Bruce, Vanessa F (again not that keen, but…) for Jeremy. it gives the message that there only any good as a temp fill in.

  14. Jim says

    Cannot understand theBob Harris show ending.The only one we listen too.Such a knowledgeable guy.His show is all about the music and not tbe personalities like the truely awful Steve Wright and Ken Bruce.Went to see Bob in Nantwich lastyear.A privilidge to hear him speak.As Theo Gilmores hubbie said ‘you get a play on The Bob Harris show and your website starts pinging’.All that gone.BBC Radio 2 totally out of touch with the milions who love and bought that music.No doubt some idiot eased Bob out.It is outragious. can we start a petition up?

  15. PaulN says

    Shocked to hear that Bob Harris’s Sunday show is coming to an end. I’ve discovered countless new artists through listening to Bob. And replaced with a disco show? Seriously? Well done BBC.

  16. stephen kirk says

    Can somebody suggest a way we can all register our disappointment about them chopping Bob Harris directly to the BBC? This must be one of the most disappointing and short-sighted decisions R2 have made.


      A great idea… I’d sign up in a nanosecond….

      1. Stephen Kirk says

        Thanks I have submitted feedback. I doubt it will do much good but we can but try!

        1. Jan Simms says


          I also picked up your response and have submitted a complaint about Bob Harris’s Sunday show being dropped. Maybe if there are many complaints something could be done.

        2. Neal says

          How right I’m afraid you are Stephen. I complained via the complaints website. The first reply I got was just more or less a copy of the press release on this Radio Today page so I complained I was not satisfied with that reply and this came back

          “Thanks for taking the time to contact us again about BBC Radio 2.

          We appreciate you felt strongly enough to write to us again, have noted your points and are sorry to learn you were not satisfied with our previous response.

          We’re sorry to tell you that we have nothing to add to our previous reply at this time. We realise you will be disappointed to hear this but hope this explains why we’re not able to take your complaint any further. If you remain dissatisfied about our decision you can appeal to the BBC Trust, the body which represents licence fee payers. The Trust has asked that we should explain to complainants that the BBC’s Royal Charter draws a clear distinction between the role of the Trust – which determines the overall scope of the BBC’s services and sets its standards – and that of the BBC Executive – which runs the Corporation and decides what to broadcast and publish.

          The Trust does not investigate every appeal submitted to it. It will normally hear appeals about the Executive’s decisions only if a complainant can show that they involved a potential breach of the BBC’s published standards, or that an operational decision has raised significant issues of general importance. The Trust is the final arbiter of which appeals it should consider. For the full information about the BBC Trust’s appeals procedures please visit

          If you wish to submit an appeal you must write within 20 working days of receiving this reply, explaining why you wish to appeal. You can contact the BBC Trust at 180 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QZ, or by emailing [email protected]. Please would you include for them the relevant case reference which you may have been given.

          Yours sincerely

          Andrew Martin
          Complaints Advisor
          BBC Complaints

          NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform at the BBC Complaints website quoting any case number we provided.”

          What a complete waste of time. The arrogance of the BBC to its audience is frankly now beyond belief. As in my previous post here with Bob and Huey Morgan’s shows just 6 hours out of 168 a week that no matter what they refuse to leave alone. It will obviously be useless complaining to the BBC Trust as hinted at in the email they refuse to get involved in scheduling issues which I know only too well with the bitter experience I had with them complaining about Bob’s show going to 3am in the first place. They are untouchable and we are paying their salaries to be completely ignored. What a total disgrace!! Where do we go from here to save shows like Bob’s? I just wish I knew!!

  17. Annette Blake says

    Used to love SOTS with Brian Matthews, what were the Beeb thinking of getting rid of him? The ultimate professional. Tony Blackburn is a vast improvement on Tim Rice but not at 6am. Are they trying to kill off this brilliant show? Dermot O`Leary – definite no no. Will be looking for a different radio station for Saturdays.


    Bob Harris’s weekend show to end?!! This is nothing short of a tragedy and a travesty for anyone who cares about quality adult music. There is no other show either on the BBC or anywhere else that I know of that produces anything remotely comparable. Nothing of this quality and no presenter that exudes anything like the knowledge that Bob has. I have learned about so many wonderful artists thanks to this programme, it has been an invaluable resource as well as an absolute joy every broadcast. The show is unsurpassed in every respect and the quality of the programme has never dropped. It was bad enough having the programme on at such a ridiculous hour, necessitating most listeners (insomniacs apart) to have to listen on the iPlayer. I’m shocked. saddened and damned annoyed that the BBC seems incapable of understanding that some grown ups out there actually want a programme such as this – and there simply is no other in the entire output of the station. Despicable. Still all is not lost… we’ve got Tony bl00dy Blackburn back….. 🙁

    1. Nick Odgers says

      I agree with every word. It is a disgrace. He has introduced me to so much brilliant music. Shame on the BBC.

  19. Charles Norman says

    When I read about these “changes” I was angered but not surprised. I fully agree with the comments about Bob Harris’ Sat/Sun show being dropped; it is an utter disgrace. Some years ago when they moved his absolutely brilliant show on a Saturday evening to much later I was beside myself.

    The disgraceful treatment of Brian Matthew and the lies put forward by the corporation for dropping him are shameful. I personally do not have a problem with Tony Blackburn taking over the show, but what in hells name is the angle of putting it on at that ridiculous hour. There is only one motive for that and that is to reduce listening figures so that the BBC can then “legitimately” drop it all together; shameful again!

    For me Saturday mornings after SOTS deteriorated when they brought in idiots like Ross & Norton; now we have to put up with O’Leary the man who cannot even enunciate correctly half the time.

    Those fools in charge of Radio 2 programming obviously have a very short memory for the same thing happened to Radio 1over 20 years ago; and darn me they are bringing in all those “presenters” that caused that station to deteriorate.

  20. Ian Lorimer says

    I only listen to R2 at the weekend.
    Highlights were Sounds of the 60’s with Brian Mathews and Johnnie Walkers Sounds of the 70’s on Sunday. Both men encyclopedias on their specialist subjects.
    When are they going to move Johnnie on?
    As for Dermot at 8 on Saturday, well I am back to Radio 4.

  21. Linda wilkens says

    I’m furious Anneka has been taken off air Saturday breakfast hour for totally unsuitable replacements I for one will not listen to either new shows. Come on everyone the only thing BBC listens to is the sound of everyone switching off

  22. june smith says

    tony blackburn ok but im not waking up at 6.00 to hear it. its disgusting that brian matthews has been taken off. sorry dermont but 8.00 in the morning not a good time for your type of show. saturdays will never be the same. good by radio 2 looking forward to graham norton at 10.00

  23. Simon says

    Real agism!
    Very sad that Brian Matthew, against his will is dismissed from a programme he helped to make his own.
    Then to change the schedule from 8am to 6am is crazy.
    Sadly I won’t now after 27 years be getting up to listen to it.
    The BBC has lost the plot and confirms it is run for its own ends and not for the listening, paying public, some of us over 60!

  24. Nick says

    I cannot believe the wonderful Bob Harris is being taken off and being replaced by some disco rubbish. I have sent a complaint in, although I know it will be a waste of time.

  25. Thom McKeown says

    Will Tony Hall please step in, emphasise and re-establish that the BBC including Radio 2 is there to inform, entertain and stimulate a paying audience, ie us licence-payers? It is not there to satisfy the personal tastes of and to offer work to the friends of Lewis Carnie, an individual so blatantly out of touch with his target market that it beggars belief. He has dismissed several extremely popular – and genuinely talented radio broadcasters already in Lester, Matthew and Long – and significantly diminished the output from other outstanding people such as Harris and Rice. In rescheduling Saturday mornings as he has done, is sheer audio vandalism and he must be brought to book on this by his superiors. The BBC has a chartered duty to be attentive and to respond positively to its audience – I insist that it does so with immediate effect or the abandonment of Radio 2 which was unerringly supreme at the turn of the century up until a year or so ago will be total.

  26. David Boulton says

    Totally devastated that we are losing Bob on sundays.I do not see how the BBC are honouring Radio 2,s target audience.They continually finish the best broadcasters like Richard Allinson,Janice Long,Alex Lester etc.Radio 2 now sounds like any rowdy commercial pop station and is losing any originality.There is only really Johnnie Walker left now.I switched to Classic FM the day Chris Evans started the breakfast show just too much for that time in the morning.

  27. Tony Hall says

    I’m 63, the only programmes I listen to on the radio are Paul Jones and the Bob Harris sunday programme. I still have some I recorded from years ago. I am devastated that Bobs shows will end in a months time.
    Where else will I be able to listen to new acts and favourite artists from the past. Bob has cost me a fortune over the years introducing me to acts like Big Big Train, Natalie Marchant, Ron Sexsmith, Decemberists, Dawes etc.
    The rest of R2 consists of “commercial” pap: background dross, more suited to supermarket aisles interspersed with babbling non-entities with little real musical background.

    1. Nick Odgers says

      I also am 63, and have listened to Bob since his shows in the 70`s. It is a disgrace that he is being taken off to make way for some disco tripe. It was bad enough that he was on at such a ridiculous time, but i-player came to the rescue. Radio 2 is going downhill rapidly.

  28. Alan Woods says

    Absolutely agree, I just can’t believe that Bob is going of his own free will, wise up BBC

  29. Steve Clark says

    Have sent off my complaint for what it’s worth, but I had to say something:
    Having heard Bob Harris announce that his Sunday show was ending soon “allowing him to concentrate on other projects”, I was both surprised and deeply disappointed. Having listened to the show for 20 years, I know Bob would wish to continue for the love of music and only the actions of management would stop him fulfilling his wonderful musical mission to his listeners. Bob Harris Sunday is more than a niche show in the early hours and thanks to iPlayer myself and many others can happily choose Bob’s dulcet tones over the banal verbosity of prime time “stars”. My complaint is also that the shortsighted decision of these spreadsheet management cognoscenti robs new or unknown talent of their first vital breaths to an audience crying out to hear real music through the background of pop’s contrived noise. Reshuffle if you must to another weird time or day (iPlayer rules!), but don’t mute the whispering voice that thunders.

  30. Marion Whiteside says

    Can’t believe Anneka is being moved to midnight. What idiot thought that was a good idea? she was a breath of fresh air for us early risers.

    1. Cherry May says

      I have to agree with you Marion. She has a lovely, bubbly delivery which will be totally wasted at midnight. I also can’t believe they’ve put Dermot into her place on Saturday mornings. He’s far too contemporary for a breakfast show and my ears can’t keep up with the speed he talks at! He stresses me out. The BBC big wigs need a good shake up, never mind the presenters. They have far too much power and don’t care what the licence paying public want.

  31. Tony Hampton says

    Sad to see the departure of Brian Mathew from SOTS – loved his relaxed and informative presentation. If he was sacked it’s a disgrace. I thought that Tim Rice did a good job whilst Brian was ill and would have been a natural successor – Tony Blackburn is definitely a step backwards, inane and superficial more suited to commercial radio. Also the new time slot is ridiculous. Other negatives are a Saturday afternoon programme for Zoe Ball – her manic presentation is totally unsuited to a prime time Saturday afternoon; and the retention of Aneka Rice – totally lacking in any personality or originality. Thankfully the BBC haven’t totally lost the plot as the brilliant Liza Tarbuck has been retained – she is a natural, love her 6-8 Saturday evening show, excellent mix of an original presenter and great selection of music (Aneka Rice please take note).

    1. Ian says

      Bob Harris is in his prime – the buffoons at BBC are a disgrace !

  32. Colin Payne says

    I have found such wonderful music from listening to Bob’s Sunday morning show. What a waste to lose his knowledge and talent.

    1. Nick Odgers says

      Who will be next to face the axe by some trendy controller who probably gets his inspiration from x factor? Johnnie Walker?

  33. Mike Clifford says

    Tony Blackburn good but Dermot O leary replacing Matthews or Rics is utter rubbish. You have ruined my Saturday mornings. I listened to Radio 3 instead.

  34. kim schober says

    No Anneka, no Brian and no Bob…….I agree that Radio 2 does need a shake up, but with management not it’s presenters. My Saturday mornings have started with a smile listening to Anneka for the last few years and continued with the calm voice of experience and knowledge from Brian. I’d like to see the listener figures in 6 months time for these two slots. Big mistake Beeb.

  35. Amanda Maguire says

    Woke up to hear Graham Norton thanking that God awful show off Dermot O’Leary for his show. Tony Blackburn being put back to 6am is a deliberate attempt to reduce listeners thereby getting rid of him for good. Used to love Saturday mornings with Brian Matthew, Tony Blackburn and Graham Norton, now the whole morning is ruined, used to turn off when Dermot came on. Where are the good women who are only fit to fill in when the big boys are on yet another holiday, which we all pay for. Would love Vanessa F, and Lisa Tarbuck during the day. As of today I am going back to smooth radio and if Tony Blackburn had any sense he would look for another job, how many people will get up at 6am to listen to the show, I loved and have listened to Tony for years so farewell Tony 6am is just ludicrous, won’t be getting up that early. SO THANK YOU TO THE COMPLETE MORONS WHO ARE SUPPOSE TO RUN THE BBC, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, WELL YOU WERN’T THINKING AT ALL REALLY WERE YOU. GOODBYE R2 I’m sure many will follow.

  36. Neal says

    Heard Lewis Carnie on Radio 4’s feedback attempting to defend this lunatic total carve up. He came across exactly as arrogant and supercilious as I had expected. Pity he seems blissfully unaware who pays his salary. I hate to say this but no matter what we do or say Bob’s Sunday programme is going as is Huey Morgan’s midnight slot too although he is getting a one hour slot at 5am on Saturday and Sunday mornings! Nice one Lewis another brain dead piece of programming!
    I’m assuming Bob’s lack of input on his true feelings about the axing of his Sunday show is maybe down to the fact they would take his country programme away from him as well if he came out in public and said what a bunch of complete idiots BBC management are! Wish my company could deal with any of our complaints as mine was by the BBC by just saying ‘Sorry nothing further to say hope that satisfies you’ What a complete joke! Just nobody’s laughing except the BBC right in our faces! Nothing could ever replace Bob but on his website an equally frustrated fan of his mentioned a station in Boston called 92.5 The River which goes some way to playing some of the music Bob champions. Have given it a listen and have to say with the current arrogance of the Radio 2 controller it is a complete breath of fresh air. Sorry your listeners cannot help save your show Bob but Ironically that is because there is nobody out there who can will or is prepared to listen to us. As Mel Gibson said in a scene from Lethal Weapon 2 ” Well what have here-look it’s the master race” Well Lewis and his cronies sure as hell are that.Only difference is in the movies the good guys win. Unfortunately in this sad real world it is that ‘master race” who will control you and have the last say and fob you off by saying Oh it’s not know these people either want to leave because they have other projects or are too ill for us to be able to allow them to continue. Yeah right there is a one word answer to that. It starts with B and ends in KS!!

    1. Nick says

      You are so right. Thnks for the tip about The River. Have found it on Cambridge streamer and it looks to be good. Bye bye Radio 2 until Mr Carnie is booted out and Bob comes back (hopefully).

  37. Nick says

    The River does have ads. Can anyone recommend a internet radio station that plays the sort of music Bob did. No adverts.

    1. Neal says

      Radio Paradise is another good listen.There is a dedicated app for smart phones and it is on Tune In radio.Unfortunately nothing is going to be the same as or be able to replace Bob. Hoping he may set up his own internet station at some point. A station along the lines of Radio Paradise with Bob in charge of the playlists now that really would be something else.

  38. Eddie McNulty says

    Bob Harris Sunday to end after 20 years? I can’t believe it! What are we supposed to listen to now?? Another “disco” show. Bob taught us to scratch beneath the surface of mainstream music and we’d be amazed at what we discovered. How right he is. I assume it’s another attempt at cost cutting by the BBC. If they want to save money, they can start with Breakfast News. Two presenters to read the “news”, one for the sport, one for the weather, one for politics, another for business etc. etc. The list is endless, and for what? So that they can hope to eventually appear on a second rate dancing programme on TV with a bunch of other celebrities we’ve never heard of! Shame on you BBC.

  39. Paul Hutchins says

    Why is Bob Harris going ? The only DJ who knows about the music he plays and gives info about the song and does not talk over the intro and lets it finish before giving the listener time to take in what you have just heard. Almost half of my albums are from Bobs shows that I would have missed out on so the record companies would not have had the sales that will help thier dwindling sales that they are always talking about. Have we got to listen talk show hosts blabbing and giggling about inane things that most listeners do not care one ioata about and the music is just a hindrance. I have just read that the licence fee is increasing probaly to pay the big fees for the TV presentes that are currently taking over Radio 2. I hope someone at BBC reads this and thinks about what they are doing to the listeners who pay them.

    1. Steven Hawkyard says

      Perfectly summarised, Paul Hutchins. I’m just listening for the second time to the most recent show and it is so professional, informative, respectful of the music, and thoroughly enjoyable. There is no competition for this show – which makes it all the more absurd for the BBC (“Public service broadcasting” – pah!) to axe it. I do not know what can replace this show – looks like Spotify and my own over-large collection is going to take its place. It is clear from these posts that not everyone wants to be constantly “entertained” by “fun” DJs. Some people listen to the radio… for the music! Shock!! I despair…

  40. Keith Stimpson says

    As STEVEN HAWKYARD indicated, there is a mechanism to submit complaints about program scheduling decisions – and I submitted a lengthy one about Bob Harris being dropped: Thanks for indicating, Steven.

    I too caught the suit who controls R2 on R4 Feedback program – he clearly inhabits a world of ratings and stats pretty much dissociated from those of us who engage with radio and music. For me, Bob Harris is an important curator of rock and indie music going back many decades – when his broadcasting future plans become known I will deffo cach up with what he is doing – cutting all ties with R2 in the process.

  41. Charles Norman says

    I too have filed a complaint about Bob Harris’ program being dropped and for SOTS being rescheduled and Brian Matthews removal on falsified grounds. A response was received yesterday and contained much of what i expected and no reference to the falsified claims, just a reiteration of the “party line”.

    This morning I have been sent a request to fill out a survey from the BBC’s Head of Audience Services, the survey apparently being conducted by an independent service and the result of which will be fed back to the person who responded to my complaint.

    I will be going to the second stage of complaint needless to say, however as the BBC have the say in whether they will continue to look at any complaints it will no doubt end there in their eyes; but not mine as there are other avenues to adopt.

    It actually beggars belief that an organisation paid for by the UK tax payer has no apparent level of accountability, other than that set by itself.

  42. Nick says

    Radio Paradise as mentioned is a good internet station. Also McIntosh radio, from the well known hi-fi brand. Perhaps we should cut and paste these comments and send them to Mr. Carnie. He may get the hint.

    1. Neal says

      Unfortunately I don’t think Mr. Carrie could give a four x about the true talent he is kicking or already has kicked off of Radio 2. The man appears completely out of touch with the so called BBC charter of supposedly providing alternative choices to the competition as opposed to copying them! I just cannot understand why people like him apply for jobs at the BBC when he is so much more suited to working for the lowest common denominator likes of Heart and Capital. I still believe Bob’s silence is partly down to him wanting to keep his country show and remaining the true professional he has always been by not lowering himself to their level. Let’s be honest whatever he thinks or may want to say about the decision that has been made it will not make a blind bit of difference. The current BBC management are way to arrogant and self opinionated to ever admit they are wrong or heaven forbid listen to their audience.I believe that given time the way technology is heading that internet Radio will become the equivalent of the pirate stations of the 60’s in terms of giving listeners what they want. Hopefully one of those stations will have all the brilliant talent that the BBC have sacked or pensioned off over the years and if there is any justice that station will take Radio 2’s audience away from them in droves leaving all these TV celebrities BBC Radio seem obsessed with employing at the expense of DJ’s who love live and breathe music to talk to themselves!

  43. Bill warren says

    Absolute joke put Tony back to 8a m and get rid of dermot o what s his name he’s awful Bill warren

  44. Kim Duffy says

    I listen to a lot of Radio 2 and of late have prefered it to tv.I was appalled with the treatment of Tony Blackburn and Brian Mathews.I have also listened to Bob Harris.I’m 54 like a lot of new music aswell as stuff from years gone by.When I found out Tony Blackburn was on at 6am I complained.The reply I got was I could catch up on bbc I player.I miss Brian Mathews.I like the Dermot O Leary show but it was better in the afternoon it’s too much like Graham Nortons show (which I prefer) these shouldn’t follow each other.I like many if you don’t tune in on a Saturday now.I put my own music on.I hate commercial radio and im desperate for another to listen to.The BBC doesn’t care about its listeners or I feel it’s dj s

  45. [email protected] says

    Can you put Sunds of the 60’s back to ? And Dermont O Leary back to the afternoon. I am not happy about this so do something about it
    From John Goggins

  46. Jon says

    Quite liked Anneka Rice to wake up to on Saturday mornings although the format was tired. We found the section where a listener selected a tune irritating Why could they not choose their favourite
    Tony B is OK but not really best suited to 6am

    Thank goodness I do not listen on Saturday afternoons. Zoe Ball is dreadful. Even her voice is grating and her music when she had the morning show more suited to Rafio 1 than 2

  47. Peter Davies says

    Been away on holiday and only just found out about Bob Harris. I just can’t believe it. Have listened to him solidly for years now. He’s introduced me to so many new artists and broadened my enjoyment of music. Is there anywhere else on the airwaves which plays such amazing music? I guess now I’ll just never hear of all those wonderful artists. As a result, they will suffer because I won’t be buying their music or going to see them live, and the whole music industry will just get tougher for them. What he does is so special to so many people who want to hear real music. Well, I guess the BBC doesn’t care that a lone voice out there has been silenced. I hope they all sleep easy in their beds. So sad. I’ll be complaining, of course. I urge everyone to do this.

  48. Malcolm Hague says

    Who in there infanit wisdom put sounds of the sixties on at 6am and replaced it with a talk show

  49. John Scholes says

    Last vestige of good music off the air. Used to love Saturday R2 but now firmly tuned to Smooth. Alinson first to set the rot, Brian and now Bob. Moshtly squarky women and blokes with little voices and lack of a command of English. Is R2 now in competition with R1?

  50. Bob Pfeiffer says

    For the suits it’s quite simple…..more Saturday night/Sunday morning drunks will turn on the radio for a bit of disco than for Bob’s cultured sounds. Always appeal to the lowest common denominator for the best return. For instance ‘The Sun’ sells far more copies than ‘The Times’. Same with the 8 am slot on a Saturday morning…..dumb it down to get a broader audience. What really angers me is that you cannot get to confront these people to tell them how pathetic they are.

  51. Shakatak says

    I am not happy about this change, first you kill Malcolm Laycock and now this, dropping Bob Harris and B Matthews.
    And Tony Blackburn is not a suitable replacement for Brian Matthews since he will be choosing some of the tracks with his signature happy party popular songs. I shall boycott Radio2 like I did with Radio1. There’s no substance and nothing from 1920’s. Is it sacriligeous?

  52. Ged says

    Bob is a National Treasure and should be treated and respected as such.
    More Bob not less, make the most of his talents.

  53. Ged says

    Too many yappy, gossipy fishwives on a Saturday

  54. PAUL LUPTON says

    Well that’s me done with Radio 2…No more Bob Harris Sunday….An absolute travesty…..

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