Upload Radio to play user generated content

A new digital radio station has launched today allowing users to create and upload their own radio programmes.

Upload Radio, which will be on DAB in Surrey, Wrexham and Gloucestershire, gives podcasters, individuals and local businesses the opportunity to buy an hour of airtime to broadcast anything they want, within Ofcom guidelines. Each area will follow its own schedule, allowing users to buy slots in any or all areas.

Matt Deegan is behind the station and tells RadioToday: “The last few years has seen an explosion in individuals creating great audio – particularly in podcast form – but it’s been hard for many people to be discovered and build an audience and nearly impossible for them to get on the radio. We’ve built Upload Radio to give everyone the chance to get on millions of radios as well as having their shows available to catch up online too.

“We want to get listeners’ shows to as many people as possible. The internet is great, but only 18% of the country listen to any radio online and just 9% download podcasts, meanwhile on DAB, 44% of the UK tune in. We think combining broadcast DAB Digital Radio, internet streaming and online catchup means our uploaders can really get their voices heard.”

Upload Radio research has shown demand for shows from individuals, community groups, established podcasts, and existing radio stations who want to reach more people. All these types of producers are audible on Upload Radio today demonstrating to potential future radio stars the kinds of programmes that they can make and upload.

All content submitted is moderated by the Upload Radio team to make sure it meets Ofcom’s guidelines and to allow the station to promote the shows well on-air and on-line.

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  1. Neil says

    Yet another online radio station launches in poor quality so DAB inferior audio is not greatly exposed

  2. Neil says

    128k mp3 or 48aac is naff… Why don’t these online stations look after those who have fibre broadband for their hi-fi systems enabling 320k to be used?

  3. Neil says

    thank god for hit45s.com…..they recognise paying huge sums to sit on a dab multiplex in mono is not business sense and provide stunning audio online

  4. Dave says

    For small community broadcasters this could be a cost effective way to broadcast.
    Maybe this could well help to save community radio.

  5. chris says

    Shame it,s not on the Birmingham test mux (hint switch radio if you see this post ) it,s a very good idea .

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