Mansfield 103.2 interrupted by radio pirate

A pirate with a powerful transmitter keeps broadcasting over the top of Mansfield 103.2 playing the same song on repeat.

According to the Sun, someone has broadcast the chorus of an obscene track 12 times in the last three months.

The most recent takeover with the 70s novelty hit The Winker’s Song happened yesterday during a live broadcast from a music gig.

Ofcom has apparently attempted to trace the culprit with little success.

Boss Tony Delahunty told The Sun last night: “We’re really keen to find this person. They are ruining the fun for a lot of people and offending lots of ­listeners too. My message to him is, ‘You’ve had your fun, now stop. We are prepared to do all that’s necessary to bring you to justice.”

Hear Tony talking to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme about the problem:

Article created on Monday, July 10th, 2017 at 10:07 am by RadioToday UK

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