CityBeat in breach for transgender comment


Preston community radio station CityBeat 103.2 has been found in breach of its licence for a comment made about transgender people.

One complaint was made to Ofcom about the Bigger Drive Home programme on 8th June 2017 when the presenter said:

“And if you’re out and about having a few drinks tonight, don’t forget like I always tell you – if you are single and you meet somebody tonight, make sure you know exactly what they’re gonna be looking like in the morning. I know [another CityBeat presenter], he does it all the time. Goes out, has a few beers, meets a girl and then wakes up in the morning and finds out it’s, er, a transgender. Ah! [laughter] Can I say that? ‘Course I can!”

Around two and a half minutes later, and following an advertising break, the presenter said:

“And by the way, I was only joking about transgenders and [another CityBeat presenter]”.

The Licensee apologised to Ofcom for any offence caused in the programme and explained that the remarks had been made “without thinking”, adding that the presenter had “never done this kind of thing before”.

The regulator said the “joke” had the effect of portraying transgender people in a negative and derogatory way and therefore had the potential to be offensive. The station has been found in breach of Rule 2.3 of the Broadcasting Code.

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    If that’s offensive, then they’d better ban the Kinks song Lola.

  2. Jean fortune says

    Yes i agree.This is not offensive its only offensive if you are picking at anything towards the station,i have listened to the output and i think it sound really good as a community station i think we should all follow suit in how to run a community station.

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