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RadioToday provides breaking radio news and featured opinion articles via its website, emails and social media feeds. We are based in The Greenhouse in MediaCityUK, with BBC 5 live, Communicorp UK and Global Radio as our neighbours, along with a growing number of independent radio companies.

We are more than just a website, as you can see from our list of free services below:



RadioToday.co.uk – this site with all our radio news, features and comments for the UK. Updated 24 hours a day and available to report on your radio station news. Just send info to [email protected]

RadioToday.ie – radio news and comments covering the radio industry in Ireland. Send your news for inclusion to [email protected]

RadioToday.us – pulling in the best radio news from numerous radio industry sites across America

RadioTodayJobs.com – the only website dedicated to radio jobs in the UK and Ireland

RadioTodayLive.com – dedicated coverage of radio industry and radio related events appear on this dedicated site


We have fully featured apps for iOS and Android (iphone and Google phones!). They also work on tablets. Click here for iOS and here for Android.



@RadioToday – our main news of exclusive radio news and observations. Purposely low-traffic for users to turn on notifications and only receive our our stories as soon as they break

@RadioTodayIE – Ireland’s main source for radio news and observations

@RadioTodayUS – tweets from radio industry sites across America

@RadioTodayExtra – radio industry news from other sources around the UK, Europe and around the world. High traffic but lots of great hand-picked links

@RadioTodayLive – a busy account during coverage of radio events relevant to the UK and Ireland

@RadioTodayJobs – direct links to radio jobs as soon as they are live on RadioTodayJobs.com



We operate one Facebook page in the UK which contains a full feed of all our news and selected links to news from elsewhere. We also have a bit of fun on this page with regular radio-related trivia! You can access our Irish Facebook page here.



The RadioToday Programme: RadioToday creates a weekly audio podcast with exclusive interviews with people making the radio headlines. Also includes a round-up of the latest radio headlines plus a look back at this week in radio

AudioBoom: We take our microphone with us everywhere we go and when we can, we provide one-off interviews via our AudioBoom feed



24 Hours UK: RadioToday produces a daily email with the latest radio stories, and sends it each weekday at 11am. Register here

7 Days UK: A weekend digest of every story we report on in the UK delivered via email each Saturday at 11am. Register here

7 Days IE: A weekend digest of every story we report on in Ireland delivered via email each Saturday at 11am. Register here

eRADIO: RadioToday’s weekly UK radio e-zine with exclusive interviews, features, guest articles plus highlights of what’s happening on other sites, plus photos, events and more. Register here

Daily jobs: Our full jobs sites features nothing but jobs in radio, and we also deliver a digest of the most recent jobs daily at 4pm. Register here



We can provide your news output with a RadioToday representative to give unbiased opinion and comment on topical radio-related headlines. Please call Roy Martin on 0161 262 1004 or email [email protected]



Wallplanner: A yearly A1-sized wall calendar distributed to each radio station in the country free of charge



RadioToday is the only way to reach the entire radio industry both in the UK and Ireland. Please see this page for our media pack


RadioToday was founded in 2004 and is fully owned by Roy Martin.