New national radio station?

sounddsqWorried you’ve missed the chance to be the saviour of digital radio? Don’t despair. Sound Digital, the new national digital radio multiplex, goes live early in 2016.

It’ll be the biggest single launch of new national stations ever. From the start, Sound Digital will reach three quarters of the UK population via a network of transmitters in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

We’re looking for people interested in running a DAB+ channel as part of the launch line-up. You’ll need a strong business plan, a clear market proposition and ideas about how you’ll connect with listeners.

At the moment, DAB+ stations can only be received on a proportion of digital radios in the UK.

However, that’s growing all the time with car radios and the digital tick mark helping to accelerate growth.

You can register an interest in running a DAB+ channel by emailing [email protected]. We’ll then contact you with more information.