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Brand – the next Chris Evans?

BBC Radio 2 and Channel 4 television presenter Russell Brand said he would make the move to commercial radio, but only if he could own a station in the same way Chris Evans did with Virgin. Russell was speaking to Jeremy Vine in the final session at the Radio Festival today.

The former Big Brother's Big Mouth star was the celebrity interview for this years industry event, where he talked about his journey over the last 15 years to reach where he is today. "I've been waiting forever to be famous" he said. "From the very first moment I stood on a stage I was relieved to know my personality belongs somewhere."

He's been fired from MTV and Xfm in the past, but now holds down a weekly BBC radio show. When asked why he's working for Radio 2 – he said "Who wouldn't want to? It's the best station in the world!"

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