Forest FM presenter to pay charity costs

A presenter on a community radio station has offered to fund a community project after hearing from a guest on his show.

John Campbell, a volunteer at Forest FM in Verwood, said he’ll pay for a month of lunches for lonely older people as a local lunch club was running low on funds.

John was interviewing Kate Moulton from the Dorset Partnership for Older People Project who said the initial funding has run out and costs are constantly rising. Kate was given 15 minutes to appeal to listeners for help, but as the interview was coming to an end the presenter told her on air that he would personally pay the entire costs for the following month out of his own pocket.

She said: “I started to run through the items I needed to buy to keep the club going and he absolutely blew me away when he said he’d pay for a month’s worth. I told him about the food and drinks, little gifts for birthdays and cleaning things and he said £200 sounded about right.

Mr Campbell said: “Kate was so passionate about the lunch club that I just couldn’t help offering her the money.

“She was temporarily lost for words but luckily I can talk for England. It was one of those nice moments with smiles on all sides.”

Source: Salisbury Journal

Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 4:00 pm by RadioToday

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