History repeated at BBC Surrey Breakfast

BBC Surrey has re-created the first ever live outside broadcast made by BBC radio 90 years ago today.

It took place in a back garden at Foyle Riding, Hurst Green, near Oxted. It was the home of a famous cellist of the time, Beatrice Harrison, and she played live on the air just after midnight, with nightingales joining in.

In memory of that day, BBC Surrey’s Breakfast Show, hosted by James Cannon, decided to recreate that moment this morning. The station’s reporter met with current owner Maria Hall and local vicar Rev Andrew Rumsey. Also present was the Godstone-based cellist Mary Byers, who performed Londonerry Air, the piece of music heard in that historic broadcast.

Commenting on the broadcast, James said: These days, BBC Surrey uses a simple vehicle with a satellite dish to broadcast from across the County, but you can imagine just how much work went into getting the original broadcast on air. Our recreation of that day 90 years ago felt like a fitting tribute, made even better by the garden being bathed in sunshine, and the sound of birds once again tweeting in the background.

Here the audio here or below.

Picture is Mary Byers playing the cello.

Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014 at 2:08 pm by RadioToday

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