7digital to provide free music streaming

7digital has agreed a deal with ROK Mobile to offer consumers free music streaming and personalised radio, optimised for mobile.

ROK is a new contract-free mobile phone operator due to launch in the US on 4 July. ROK’s service will offer unlimited talk, text and data with free music streaming in conjunction with carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. An international roll-out in various countries is planned to follow the US launch and it’s expected the service will launch in the UK.

The 7digital platform will be used by ROK to power its music streaming service which will give its customers access to on-demand music and personalised radio. 7digital’s APIs and infrastructure will handle many key components of the service, including content management, music file serving and royalty reporting.

The ROK music service will allow users to stream millions of songs on demand, create personalised radio stations and filter them based on mood, era and other dynamic filters. The service will also include smart features designed to function across 2.5G, 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital, commented: “We are proud to be working with ROK; their music streaming app fills a gap in the marketplace, and we are pleased to be innovating alongside them. The face of the digital music industry is changing fast, and by working with forward looking companies like ROK, we believe we will stay ahead of the crowd.”

Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK Mobile, added: “7digital’s mission to simplify access to the world’s music is complementary to our philosophy of supplying users with access to music everywhere they go via our wireless service for one simple price. ROK’s music service is an essential part of our offering. We needed partners in the space that understand how to handle the demand. 7digital’s API provided us with the flexibility to innovate quickly and collaborate easily with other partners so that our music service can deliver a next generation experience to our customers.”


Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 at 1:09 pm by RadioToday

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