BBC works on new Radio Explorer product

A new way to listen to radio content is being tested publicly on the BBC website, which combines podcasts with streaming playlists.

Radio Explorer, currently in Beta, gathers ‘clips’ from Radio 3, Radio 4 and 5 live based on topics and streams them one after another plus the option of pressing next.

The opening screen gives a simple Google-like search box, awaiting a topic. Entering a totally random keyword such as jingles throws a classic 5 live jingle from 1994. Let it finish and Radio Explorer finds the next piece of content which contains the keyword – “BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop on performing at Glastonbury” which talks about composing jingles.

Using a unique keyword gives you the best results. Enter “Blackburn” and you have a mixture of football club chat and Tony Blackburn quotes.

There are other similar services already online, such as Stitcher or Swell, but Radio Explorer is for BBC content only. There’s no official release on the service but should the service develop we’ll bring you more details.

Posted on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 10:34 am by RadioToday

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