Offensive language at BBC Radio Scotland

A listener has complained to Ofcom about the use of offensive language in a live broadcast of a post-match interview on BBC Radio Scotland.

The interview, with Aberdeen Football Club Chairman, Stewart Milne, was aired on a Sunday afternoon and contained the F word 42 seconds in.

Stewart Milne: “…19 years, 120 minutes and then fucking penalties [starts laughing].”

Presenter: “[Laughing] I think we better apologise for that use of uh, uh industrial language in that [laughs] penalties yes.”

Stewart Milne: “Penalties. My apologies. I hope there was nobody listening.”

Presenter: “… I think the whole of Aberdeen and the North-East were listening. Apologies to anyone who was offended by that use of extreme emotional language…”.

At the end of the interview the studio presenter made another apology:

“… and uh apologies, Stewart got a wee bit carried away with some colourful language right at the start of that interview…”.

Ofcom investigated the complaint but resolved it with the station saying “this use of the most offensive language was during a live unscripted interview and that the sports presenter promptly intervened and apologised for the inappropriate language used.

“We noted that further apologies followed by Stewart Milne and the studio presenter. Ofcom therefore considers the matter resolved.”

Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 at 11:29 am by RadioToday

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