The Bee goes Portuguese for World Cup

Lancashire station The Bee has rebranded today for the World Cup by changing all its imaging to a Portuguese voice.

It’ll stay that way till the final game, with multi-lingual sponsor credits staying on regardless of how England do.

Mid-morning presenter Olly Houldsworth told RadioToday: “Regardless of if people are interested in the footy everyone is talking about it! Whether that be will Rooney score? Will we make it out of the group? Or what time is Corrie on because of the footy? (a question my mrs has asked today). Everyone is talking about it!

“So we decide to recognise the summer tournament by changing all our imaging to a Portuguese voice! And yes, even if England are out in the groups we will be pushing on until the final!”

Presenters however are still speaking in their native English, apart from the occasional link.

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Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 at 3:52 pm by RadioToday

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