UKRD to launch Pirate 2 on Digital Radio

Pirate FM is about to get a sister station, 21 years after it first launched in the South West.

Pirate 2 will broadcast on DAB, ending the simulcast from Pirate FM, which has been in operating since the Cornwall multiplex switched on ten years ago.

UKRD Chief Executive William Rogers tells RadioToday the station is using the opportunity it has on its DAB platform to provide different, more niche locally focussed content at certain times of the day under the Pirate 2 brand.

William adds “It’s a great example of DAB being used in the appropriate way in a local context; an incremental and additional service and not a replacement for its core FM offering.

“Since the Governments entirely sensible decision in December to dump a forced and unwanted DAB switchover in 2015, businesses like ours can now start to focus on innovative and interesting ways of using the DAB platform as an incremental and additional route to bring services to market. This approach was the one that should have been utilised from day one all those wasted years ago but at least we’ve got there in the end.

“The only thing that will screw all this type of innovation is yet another threatened switchover at local level at some point in the future but I hope the lessens have all been learned and no-one is going to be that stupid again.”

UKRD is currently looking at a number of innovative and different approaches to a wide range of digital initiatives over the next twelve months, including the use of DAB.

Posted on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 at 2:14 pm by RadioToday

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