Somerset DAB to carry new music station

A new radio station, Triple Hits, is set to launch next month on the Somerset DAB multiplex.

Triple Hits will play a mix of “21st century hits, Old Skool anthems and fresh new songs” and comes from the previous owners of Fire Radio in Bournemouth which was recently sold to Celador.
The Triple Broadcast Co’s content subsidiary Fire Media will run the service and say the Triple Hits format is designed to appeal to the ‘radio in between’ generation – the gap between the Radio 1 audience and Radio 2.
Gareth Cottier-Jansen, Executive Director of the Triple group said: “With Radio 1 desperately trying to push away the late 20s and 30s audience, it’s a big opportunity to bring people back to commercial radio with a fresh take on current hits.
“Fantastic songs running on a ‘cross breed’ of CHR/AC/Adult variety is an unusual mix – but it is sounding fantastic in pilots.
“I was keen to run a brand with familiar hits from the past, but not an exclusively retro format like Jack. That’s a dead end in the long term”
Joining the station from launch is former Fire presenter Allan Lake, who stayed with the group to work on its TV station. Allan said: “Listeners loved the original Fire radio from Triple so it’s a good opportunity to get back doing creative and fun radio with a team of people who I genuinely love working with. The station is stand out.”
Former Fire & Nova Radio presenter Ange Cassidy, who lives in Somerset, also returns to Triple on the new station to present 11am – 3pm weekdays.
Former GCap music programmer Bern Leckie, who has consulted and programmed on all Triple’s brands since the company launched in 2009 has developed the Triple Hits format.

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