2BR radio stunt fools Lancashire newspapers

A stunt by 2BR presenter Christopher Dean has made the local newspapers in East Lancashire.

Chris, who is leaving the station to join KLFM as Programme Controller, staged a link at the end of his last show with programme controller Gemma Baron saying he was quitting.

The Burnley Express plus the Clitheroe Advertiser ran the headline “Local radio presenter quits live on air” and proceeded to report the two had an argument on-air about whether or not to drop a particular feature.

They were reacting to a tweet put out by the station which said: “CHRIS: I’ve just quit live on-air. I had no option, would have loved to stay.”

Christopher Dean’s job was advertised last month on RadioTodayJobs.com.

Listen to the stunt below:

Posted on Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at 9:29 pm by RadioToday

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