Chris Evans to host new TFI Friday series

Just when we thought Chris Evans had taken on too much, he goes and announces a new series of TFI Friday.

The BBC Radio 2, Top Gear and One Show host will bring eight episodes of the Channel 4 show to air in the run up to Christmas, with himself as host.

Many articles and blogs have been written since he was confirmed as Top Gear host, pointing to the last time he hosted the biggest radio show in the country along with high profile television work. It didn’t end well, and some are suggesting history might be repeated.

But Chris is excited about the extra workload: “Oh my goodness, are we really going to get to do this again? Looks like it – and leading into Christmas too. I might actually spontaneously explode on live television due to over excited-ness.‎ Does that still count as unpredictable cos I’ve said it now?”

Chris will be leaving the One Show in a few weeks and start recording for Top Gear next year so fitting in two months worth of TFI might not be all that bad after all, but let’s hope he still has time for his main job, as human alarm clock for the UK on BBC Radio 2.

Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s creative officer, said: “Chris is the best of the best of live broadcasters and I never doubted for a moment that this TFI would live up to expectations. Confirming a series was a no-brainer.”

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 at 12:38 pm by RadioToday

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