Who’s winding Steve Penk up in Manchester?

Steve Penk is launching a brand new digital radio station in Manchester but nobody is taking him seriously.

The Steve Penk Wind Up Channel will start in September as part of Ofcom’s trial of small scale digital multiplex’s around the country, but we hear that it’s Penky himself who is currently being wound up.

Steve has been trying to contact a number of advertising agencies to talk about this brand new radio station for Manchester.

Penky is currently offering sponsorship opportunities on the Wind Up Channel, and is keen to talk to Manchester’s advertising agencies, but whenever Steve calls and leaves his name, advertising execs are nervous about taking or returning his call because they genuinely think Penky is trying to wind them up.

“It’s a nightmare” says Steve, “I’m trying to get the radio station sorted in time for a September launch, but everything is taking twice as long, because everyone thinks I’m trying to wind them up. I have exactly the same problem at home when I try to get a plumber, or a decorator, people either recognise the voice or as soon as I say my name, they become unbelievably defensive and don’t believe a word I say. I once had water running from the ceiling, from a leak upstairs, and I’m on the phone frantically trying to get a plumber, the first 3 plumbers I called didn’t believe me and thought I was winding them up, I was screaming down the phone that it wasn’t a wind up, that I honestly had a leak, but all they said was “yeh sure Penky, who’s set me up.”

Steve says he’s started getting his wife Helen to call on his behalf and use a false name, so at least people will take his calls.

He continues: “If I am going to personally call people in the future, I think I may need to change my name, or at the very least disguise my voice more. I’m excited about this new radio station, because there will be nothing like it anywhere else, it will be a radio first in the UK.

“All the other stations these days are pretty much playing the same music over and over again everyday, and doing the same sort of content, but my station will sound like nothing else.”

The Steve Penk Wind Up Channel is due to launch on digital radio in Manchester on September 1st. If you work for an advertising agency Steve Penk wants to talk to you, and honestly he’s not trying to wind you up…….or is he?

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 at 3:10 pm by RadioToday

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