Alex Dyke makes a return to BBC Radio Solent

After almost a week off, Alex Dyke is returning to his mid-morning show on BBC Radio Solent tomorrow (Thursday).

A BBC spokeswoman said today: “Following serious consideration Alex Dyke will return to BBC Radio Solent tomorrow.

“Alex has been told in no uncertain terms that his comments were unacceptable, and he has apologised for any offence caused on and off air.”

The presenter was suspended last Thursday afternoon following “unacceptable comments” made on-air on Wednesday morning. He was discussing breastfeeding in public and said it was unnatural and must be stopped.

The topic was discussed with numerous callers, where Alex questioned why mums couldn’t ‘just stay at home and do it’. He also said the women who often do it are the ones who look like they’re brownie pack leaders, and that yummy mummys wouldn’t do it because they know it’s not a good look.

Callers argued breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, to which Alex said “so is making love but you wouldn’t want to see someone on the number 19 from Newport to Ryde doing that would you?”. One even said “What we need is for you to shut up you stupid man!”

Alex tweeted the news of his return today along with a photo of himself, seen above.

Listen to some of the audio in question below:

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Posted on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 at 5:32 pm by RadioToday UK

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