Nottingham gets over 50% digital radio listening

The Nottinghamshire area is the first in the UK to have over 50% of radio listening take place via a digital platform.

Sussex is in second place at 48.8% and Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire is in third with 48.5%.

One point of difference in the East Midlands compared to most other regions is that Global’s biggest brand, Heart, is not available on FM, but is broadcasting on DAB.

The area with the least amount of digital radio listening is South West Scotland where the figure is 23.4%, making the national average 41.9%.

The highest rate of DAB radio ownership was in Surrey (62.7%). The lowest take-up rate
was in Pembrokeshire (27.3%).

And according to Ofcom’s sixth annual digital progress report, 54% of adults now have access to a DAB receiver, an increase of 10% year on year.

In the last 12 months there have been a total of over 3 million DAB receivers (3.37 million) added in the UK with 1.8 million in cars and 1.6 million in homes.

Digital Radio UK has welcomed the publication and CEO Ford Ennals says the numbers will grow as more transmitters area turned on: “It’s great news that the Nottingham multiplex area is the first in the UK where digital listening is over 50% (50.5%). Sussex is second with 48.8% digital listening and this will increase in the coming months with the switch-on of five new digital transmitters in the area.

“With 54% of adults having a DAB set, DAB technology has now achieved critical mass and there are more homes with a DAB set than are receiving TV either with Freeview or Sky”.

Also in the report, nearly three-quarters of new cars now come with digital radio as standard and three in ten adults now have a digital radio in their vehicle, according to the Ofcom Technology Tracker.

And over a quarter of people now listen to radio on a mobile phone or tablet.

Ofcom’s sixth annual digital progress report indicates high-customer satisfaction with DAB with 76% of DAB users associating the technology with “clear and high-quality sound” and 71% saying they appreciate “a wider choice of stations.”

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