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Bernie Keith show cut short for private network feed

Problems at over the Bank Holiday when a special music show was cut short for a private network feed.

was on-air 6pm till 7pm Monday with a pre-recorded Beatles v Stone show, but at two minutes to the hour listeners heard a network countdown for the Mark Forrest Show instead of the final song by The Beatles.

The show was described as “Bernie plays and discusses the music of two of Great Britain’s biggest bands. It’s The Beatles v The Rolling Stones”.

Bernie voiced his concern on his Facebook page shortly afterwards when a listener congratulated him on a great show: “Well it would have been brilliant if some idiot hadn’t chopped 2 minutes off the final song to go to a producer prompt which should NEVER go out on air!! Idiots! It was “The End” by The Beatles, for God’s sake!! You never fade it! Whoever he was, he’ll be sorry – never cross a Beatles/ Stones fan!!!”

A BBC spokesperson told RadioToday: ”Due to a very minor error during playing out the pre-recorded programme, it finished slightly earlier than 7pm. The broadcast then crossed to the music which precedes the Mark Forrest show for a very short time before the next show started.”

You can hear the audio below, complete with a voicer advising stations when the Mark Forrest show will begin.

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