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Howard Bentham is sad to be leaving Breakfast

Outgoing BBC Radio Oxford breakfast presenter Howard Bentham has told listeners he’s not happy about leaving the breakfast show, whilst having a dig at management for moving him.

He’s swapping shows with David Prever, as previously reported by RadioToday last month, and he says he’s massively disappointed with the switch.

But Howard took time out on his show on Monday morning to wish David all the best for when he takes over the new show. “I’m really sad to tell you that after two years presenting this show and trying to make it the very best it can be, a show with a likeable personality, one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet a programme that still gives you all the news and information that you expect, but above all, a show that is about you, the audience, the people who ultimately matter, but unfortunately it appears that’s not enough, certainly in the view of our temporary managing editor anyway.

“I’m massively disappointed to be leaving you at this time of the day, what I’m not going to do as I’ve got too much respect for you and myself, is air any dirty laundry in public.”

Howard continued: “I genuinely wish David all the best for the show, and a safe drive in from St Albans of a morning.”

Regarding the changes to the schedule, a BBC Spokesperson told RadioToday: “We are delighted with our new line-up and we think our audiences will love listening to David Prever in the mornings. David is a brilliant broadcaster and his show will be a must-listen for everyone who lives and works in the county.”

Have a listen to the full clip below:

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  1. David Hoffman says

    Oh dear….a case of ego bigger that the station. In commercial radio, you learn to live with the fact that this is not a job for life… plus you don’t whinge about your loss on air.

  2. David Hoffman says

    Even worse to refer to your replacment as ‘sitting in’ for you. FFS get real man!

  3. CaptainWow says

    The “acting” managing editor, and “the drive from St Albans” – Ouch.

  4. AH says

    Good for him! David Prever is a nice chap and a very professional broadcaster but hasn’t got the same wit as Howard and is a little bit boring. Just my opinion as a listener.

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