Could these TV quizzes work on the radio?

Radio quizzes have been a staple of British radio ever since the very first broadcasts hit the airwaves.

Whether playing for money or glory, people have tuned in by the millions for a chance at getting their opportunity to win classic radio quiz shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Brain of Britain, or The 3rd Degree. Radio quiz shows give hosts a chance to truly connect with their audiences, as well as providing some serious entertainment value for audiences that often translates into high ratings. With that in mind, let’s consider some of the best TV quiz shows that are ripe for a radio adaptation.

1. The Chase

The fast-paced atmosphere, diversity of questions, and confrontational setup of the chase make it an ideal bit of radio magic. The popular ITV game show has already been adopted into a video game, board game, and mobile app, which is a testament to its broad popularity and versatility. Of course, some tweaks might have to be made to ensure that listeners know where the contestant stands in the chase itself, but this would not be too difficult.

2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Arguably Britain’s most iconic and culturally influential game show. Intense, moody, high-stakes, and perfectly curated to build tension until it reaches a crescendo, WWTBAM is ready-made for a transition to radio. Much like The Chase, this show has already been broadly adopted across a staggering number of mediums, including a popular online casino slot at NetBet, where players use the iconic lifelines of the show as casino bonuses. Such a creative adaptation of the show highlights why it works well on any medium.

3. University Challenge

There have occasionally been complaints across the spectrum that radio quizzes have gotten too easy. To remedy this, injecting a head-scratcher such as University Challenge should be more than sufficient to raise the IQ factor. Having the country’s top student go head-to-head over the airwaves would also be a potential way to get more twenty-somethings listening to the radio, as well as putting the Great British public to the test with some of UC’s notoriously difficult questions.

4. Eggheads

The classic BBC quiz masterpiece Eggheads has been running for a whopping 1870 episodes, which surely speaks to its durability and mass appeal. In the show, five contestants face off against five experts and quiz show masterminds to compete for massive cash prizes.

Although few contestants actually win the show, its entertainment value is unquestionable. What’s more, the show could easily be formatted for radio with virtually no adjustments to the existing format.

5. Mastermind

Finally, there is the pitch-black, high-intensity interrogation show Mastermind, in which a self professed expert must answer difficult questions relating to their chosen field. Although a radio version would have to do away with the severe lighting, the medium would certainly benefit from the intense choice of orchestral music and the one-on-one format of every round. This is definitely a quiz show that would grab the attention of listeners from the get-go.

Whether these classic British quiz shows will ever be adapted for radio remains a mystery.

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