Radio Garden offers a new way to listen online

There’s plenty to enjoy on UK radio, with everything from chat to music to live sport.

However, the world of entertainment goes far beyond the British coastline: there are some great radio stations overseas and many other ways to enjoy top-class foreign content.

Nowadays, we’re not restricted to our nation’s entertainment options and can quite freely tune in to radio from America, Australia, Canada, and across Europe without any specialist equipment.

So, here’s how to go about finding some of the best platforms that the rest of the world has to
offer without buying or installing any specialist software.
Tune-in to just about any station in the world live

Can’t find the tracks that you want on local radio, or perhaps you just want to relive the sounds of your favourite holiday? At the end of 2016, an innovative broadcast-crawling service launched to deliver users a live feed of just about any radio station from around the world.

Best of all, it’s free to use! The expansive global radio platform Radio.Garden offers a remarkable amount of free-roam to home-in on and listen to the live broadcasts from anywhere you fancy.

Radio.Garden features an easy click-and-drag interface, with which you spin the globe to find your country of choice. Next, to lock down the exact region that you’re after, scroll with your mouse to zoom and highlight one of the green spots. Most green spots offer a selection of local and national stations for you to choose from, and once you click on one, you’ll shortly be listening in live. Regardless of if you want to find a station playing relaxing tunes from the Mediterranean or listen in to the sport over in the United States, you’ll be able to beam it in from this website.

Enjoying even more content from around the world

As great as British radio, movies, series, and games are, there is so much great content from around the world that offers a new way to enjoy your entertainment time – and we don’t just mean from the US.

Every country has a different way of looking at things, making overseas entertainment as intriguing as it is entertaining. A prime example is that of Switzerland’s casino online, Casino Davos, which offers thousands of games that have proven appeal to gamers. The likes of Kassius Invictus Armis, Egyptian King, Book of Immortals, and classic live roulette draw in players from across the continent, with more new games added regularly.

If sitting back and relaxing is more your thing than actively playing games, one of the most reliable nations for some great viewing is the Korea Republic. Movies like The Host, Oldboy, Train to Busan, and the Oscar-winning Parasite are all exemplary. Still, it’s the Korean drama, otherwise known as ‘K-Drama,’ that offers the best experience for binge viewers.

The titles are as enticing as they are all-but meaningless, stuffed with over 15 episodes of high-drama and beautiful people. Netflix recognised this and brought in a bunch of drama series from Korea that span a vast range of genres, including Kingdom, Uncontrollably Fond, Fight for My Way, and Something in the Rain.

Of course, British radio and entertainment is tailored to the people of Britain, but there are plenty of ways for you to find exciting broadcasts and great content by exploring overseas offerings.

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