How Gambling podcasts have really taken off

The arrival of the internet in all of our lives has brought about countless changes.

These range from the way that we access information to the sort of entertainment that we can enjoy. In the case of the latter, it’s given us far more control over the ways in which we can watch and listen and a prime example of this is the podcast.

Now, anyone with a smartphone, tablet or smart speaker can listen to these audio programmes via the countless platforms and apps available. The stats for such a young medium are breathtaking with an estimated 850,000 podcasts out there and no less than 30 million different episodes to listen to. Not bad for something that didn’t exist as recently as 15 years ago.

When it comes to examining just why podcasts have become so popular, there are a number of very good reasons. The first of these is that, while there is a limited amount of airtime available on traditional radio stations, this isn’t the case when it comes to podcasting.

Because literally anyone can start up their own podcast and distribute it free of charge it means that whatever a person’s interests, however niche, there will be at least one title out there for them. So, subjects that would get no, or limited, time in other media are well represented by podcasts.

Taking their time

The other great thing about podcasts is that they aren’t limited by the traditional 15, 30 or 60-minute time slots of traditional radio programmes so there is the flexibility to make them as long as the story takes to tell. So, when it comes to a subject that is as complex and involved as gambling, this gives the presenters the opportunity to go into subjects in as much detail as needed.

When this does become an extended examination of a subject, the fact that listeners can dip in and out of the podcast is another part of the appeal – and one which is impossible to replicate on live radio where pausing and resuming listening later on just isn’t an option.

The fact that listeners can also dictate exactly when they choose to hear the podcast in question is another critical element in the medium’s appeal. So, for example, just before going into a big poker game or a casino session, a player can help to get themselves “in the zone” by listening to the experts.

Horses for courses

This all adds up to the fact that gambling has proved to be another of the very popular genres of podcast with literally hundreds of different ones clamouring for listeners’ attention.

They cover a whole range of different styles from experts giving tutorials in how to play to interviews with successful gamblers – and everything else in between.

The fact that the online casino sector has also seen an explosion in its popularity has meant that the audience for these podcasts has grown up at the same time as the medium itself.

This is why you’ll find numerous ones that follow a similar style to comparison sites and will focus on casino reviews and recommendations as well as giving tips about the best ways to play.

Gambling is also a complex and involved subject so having the time to take a real in-depth look at certain aspects of it is essential. Thus, the perfect meeting of subject matter and medium, with a ready-made audience who believe that the more they know and the greater the insights they can gain, the more successful they may be.

In terms of which particular gambling podcasts are worth checking out, the choice is huge – but here are a few suggestions for starters.

Casinos Verified

As already mentioned, the online casino world is a fast moving and ever changing one and this podcast, which first launched in 2015, gives daily updates on where the best deals can be found.

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

For a general gambling podcast, here’s a title that does it better than most. Episodes are released around every two weeks and the range of topics cover everything from casino etiquette to e-sports betting.

Professor Slots

Slots are one of online casinos most played games with the online slots market growing at a large and fast pace, so there is no wonder there is a podcast available with all the top tips and tricks! Professor slots is a podcast by Jon Friedl who helps listeners identify how to choose the best slot site with the best odds as well as focusing on gambling goals.

Football Betting Podcast

Topicality is the key with this title that brings a weekly update on the four top English leagues with suggestions for bets for the matches being played. Over the last couple of years, it’s also gained quite a reputation for its so-called “Bomb-proof trebles”.

The Blackjack Apprenticeship Podcast

It might seem like a very simple game to play, but there’s a great deal more to blackjack than meets the eye. But with expert tutoring and advice covering all aspects of the game, this is an excellent primer to its intricacies.

Due for a Win

Atlantic City might sometimes be regarded as the poor relation of Las Vegas in terms of casinos, but it has many fascinating stories to tell – and this podcast is where you’ll be able to find many of them.

So next time you’ve a long journey to fill, or just some spare time on your hands, why not check out a gambling podcast for yourself? We bet you’ll discover something interesting.

Article posted on 20th November at 11.59am by RadioToday UK Reporter

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