Our top 5 poker podcasts for you to listen to

The popularity of podcasts has risen dramatically in recent years.

In the early 2000s there were around 3000 free to access podcasts in Apple’s iTunes library, catering towards a small select audience. As the demand and availability of portable technology has risen, so has the demand for audio entertainment for listeners to enjoy on-the-go.

There are now over 800,000 active podcasts and over 50 million individual podcast episodes worldwide with a wide array of themes and topics to choose from.

Podcasts are not just for entertainment, they are also used to discuss culture and educate listeners on things that they care about and want to learn more about. For those who enjoy playing online poker, listening to podcasts on the topic can improve their experience, teach new skills and help to develop a winning poker strategy.

Here are five of the best poker podcasts of there that will help you to improve your game:

The Red Chip Poker Podcast

With over two and a half million subscribers, The Red Chip Poker Podcast is a popular show that provides miniature coaching workshops into how to develop your poker strategy. There are also interviews with interesting professionals within the industry featured on a regular basis.

The show is run by experts Zac and James. There is content in this podcast relevant to players of all levels of experience.

Some of their most popular topics include: Paying tax as a poker player, basic strategy, being a more aggressive player and getting started with GTO poker.

This is a really comprehensive podcast series, perfect for any poker players looking to find all the information they need in one place. If looking to go a step further, you can also find crash courses and in-depth eBooks on the premium section of their website.

Thinking Poker Podcast

Thinking Poker is a weekly podcast series hosted by Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis. The series takes an in-depth look into effective poker strategies and goes behind the scenes on the professional poker lifestyle.

Main host Andrew is well known for his success at the World Series of Poker, having cashed five finishes within a seven year period and had three finishes in the top 100.

There are plenty of interviews with those in the casino industry. One recent podcast features a chat with Irish professional poker player Dara O’Kearney, who discusses his progressive knockout tournaments and the release of his new book.

Other topics of interest featured in this series includes range construction, World Series of Poker (WSOP) updates and fold equity.

Smart Poker Study Podcast

Smart Poker Study is a straight-talking podcast with the aim of helping its listeners to improve by 1% each day, win more money and learn to play poker and study poker more effectively.

The podcast’s host is Sky Matsuhashi. Matsuhasi is an ex-teacher and aspiring full-time professional poker player who is using his teaching skills to teach the in’s and out’s of poker to less experienced players.

He is also releasing a 30 second poker tip for listeners to try out each day. These tips cover topics such as earning profit, dealing with difficult opponents, playing tournaments and avoiding losses.

On Mondays, Smart Poker also evaluates different articles from other professionals in the poker industry and draws on their experiences and insights. From these you will be able to take away an interesting concept to apply to your strategy and a ‘must complete’ action.

The Breakdown Poker Podcast with The Poker Guys

The Breakdown is a fun poker podcast with a small but growing fanbase. In this podcast, co- hosts Jonathan and Grant explore some of the big time poker hands.

The pair bring out a new episode on a weekly basis. These podcasts are longer than some other poker podcast series and go into deep discussion on moves made by poker pros.

Some of their most popular episodes include ‘How Can He Fold???? (not the book, FASCINATING cash game hand)’ and’ Berkey V Adelstein: Who Can Go For The Thinnest Value?’

The show is currently released directly on SoundCloud and is perfect for those who enjoy keeping up to date with big news and events in the poker community.

Poker On The Mind Podcast

Hosted by expert poker coaches Dr. Tricia Cardner & Gareth James, Poker On The Mind delves into high level poker strategies. It also looks at the mental side of the game and gives insights on how to get into and maintain the most effective mindset for the game.

The show releases a new episode on a weekly basis and includes both live poker games and interviews with other professional players.

Some of their top episodes include ‘Dealing With EXTREME Stress’, ‘Turning a Boat and Choosing a Good Training Program’ and ‘Missing Poker and Listener Hand Analysis’

What’s different about this poker podcast compared to over coaching style ones is that the presenters chat about their own lives and link to current events. This podcast is ideal for listeners who want to know more about the psychology aspect of poker strategy and mindfulness in general. It is also well suited to those who play in tournament games.

These five podcasts are just some of the hundreds of series available for those who enjoy poker related content. Listening to these podcasts can help you to improve your own game strategy and make you feel part of the wider poker community.

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