What made Podcasts so popular this year?

Podcasts have become extremely trendy, with over 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes available this year.

Compared to other media forms, this is still a new space with plenty of room for creative opportunities.

Many people are tapping into it with unique topics and angles, trying to get their episodes known amongst all the other millions.

This disruptive technology, which has challenged traditional broadcasting practices and preconceptions about the audience and production, meets the needs of modern society.

Listeners can dive into their topics of choice while multitasking house jobs or while driving. This makes podcasts perfect for people with a busy routine or who need to commute on a daily basis. Apart from offering a great variety of mainstream topics, podcasts are also great for the niche hobbies communities.

Some of the most listened to podcast topics include comedy, news and politics, and sports, so those with an interest those have a lot of options. But there are plenty of options for people looking for a more specific topic. Look at blackjack podcasts: blackjack is one of the most known and common casino games. It has a strong following not just in land-based casinos but also in online ones, where it has flourished from a single variety into multiple variations.

It is played by a wide range of people, from beginners to long-time gambling aficionados. The Blackjack Apprenticeship Podcast shares stories about players and people who have built a career around it, as well as practical tips. Meanwhile, Vegas Confessions Podcast is more lifestyle-based, with three hosts sharing their personal experiences. All it takes is an idea and the passion and dedication to see it through.

On top of being great for those with niche hobbies, podcasts can be equally educative. Information overload is a problem modern society faces and being able to select what is valuable and worth knowing gets blurrier every day. In that sense, they simplify information and how it is transmitted, making it accessible to more people. When listening, the brain works at the same pace with the audio you listen to, therefore your mind stays engaged for longer periods of time without wandering off. Besides, it makes a great conversational topic, encouraging more people to participate in discussions and debates.

Perhaps one of its biggest advantages over traditional forms of media, such as TV, radio or magazines, is its accessibility. Podcasts can be downloaded on any device at any time and then enjoyed without the need for an Internet connection. Its extra perk, when compared to on-demand TV, is that it can be listened to when driving or working, without distracting you from your tasks.

A study even found out when people listen to podcasts the most, with 49% of them saying they listen to podcasts at home, 22% while working, 11% while they were either at the office or working from home, and 8% were listening to podcasts over music when exercising.

Niche podcasts are not only suitable for passionate listeners, but also for advertisers that can target more specific groups of people. These types of podcasts and their audiences are valuable for businesses and companies that sell niche products because they know they make an investment that has higher rates of return. In the past few years, advertising through podcasts has become the new hot thing and many content creators and businesses have seen its potential and explored it thoroughly.

Article created on Wednesday 18th November at 13:20

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