The best sports podcasts on the market

Podcasts heighten our understanding on topics of interest and allow us to build on that knowledge into the future.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you all about the kind of specialist podcasts you can listen to, such as gambling.

They are are of their own niche and standing, and not many people actually believe that these kinds of podcasts exist.

If you are interested in this area, check out our list below where you should find a new appreciation and understanding of the gambling world, built on history, the pioneers of the industry, betting tips and so much more.

You will also be able to find suggestions on where to find the latest casino gold additions to the online gambling community.

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The Ringer NFL Show

Calling all NFL sports fans to the scene! This podcast breaks down the important facts you need to know, if you are contemplating NFL betting for example. To know how to do it for yourself, you will need to first and foremost understand the types of bets you can place, and essentially all corners of the betting stance within this niche.

The podcast hosts feature different people on different days, meaning you can really sit back and learn from people who have the experience within the industry. While we know that not all betting strategies work for everyone at the same time, what we like
about this show is the different options and routes you can go with, which should heighten your strengths in gambling.

You Can Bet On That

The name says it all, right? This podcast’s initiative is to dive into the world of gambling and receive knowledge, history, research, alongside experts across the niche of table games, sports betting and most gambling genres you can think of. There are also podcasts that even elaborate on what it’s like going, for the first time to Atlantic City!

Pretty much all the questions you may have from a beginner to a more proficient gambler, will be answered as the episodes go along, so if you are wanting to improve your attitudes within gambling, this is the one for you, no doubt.

The Action Network: Sports Betting Podcast

Sports fans in general will share in common how they enjoy gambling on some of the best sports leagues in history. We have the NBA, NHL, NFL, Premier League, Champions League, UFC-the list basically can go on and on. What this podcast aims to achieve is insights on the oddsmakers predictions, as well as how you would go about placing a bet that utilises the most profit for yourself.

Hosts Matthew Freedman, and Chris Raybon are sports gambling analysts that have a lot to say on the topic. Every week they invite guests who range from journalists, sports commentators and so much more, to give you a rounded understanding of what makes the sports betting world tick. Bring your watch and tick along!

Think Again: A Big Thing Podcast

This podcast tries to break down worldly topics within an efficient series of time. Often podcasts will tend to have a length that is about an hour, give or take a little bit and that can sometimes be far too long to dedicate time to for some people. Every topic they come across is concisely brought together in the shortest of time, so you can walk away and feel super empowered with the new knowledge you have gained.

This podcast although not solely dedicated to gambling, features episodes of different types of gambling, the attitudes to gambling, essentially all the facts you would ever want to know or possibly discover will be on this time efficient series. You should definitely give it a minute, or 10!

Gambling With an Edge

The final podcast in our series is this one. It is very specific to those who want to dissect everything they possibly can from gambling, meaning you will definitely get a lot from the time you spend listening to this one, hosted by Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. What we liked particularly is how it goes deep into theoretical knowledge first, breaking down how the casino always has a house edge and you must counteract that most you can, to way away with profit for yourself. Definitely an eye-opener, this one.

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