Here are some of the best hobby podcasts

If you’re interested in taking up a new hobby, chances are there is a podcast on that.

Want to learn how to cook? There’s a huge variety of podcasts for that too. Want to improve your wellbeing? You guessed it, there’s a podcast.

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to bring together experts on a subject, craft engaging content and share it with the world.

For those that play casino games, learning the latest strategies and finding hints and tips can make all the difference when playing a live game. Casino podcasts are a great way for players to engage with fellow fans, learn from the experts and stay up to date on the latest news and strategies in the casino world.

So before you head over to to discover the latest online casinos games, check out some of these top casino podcasts. You never know what you might learn.

Casino Kombat

Casino Kombat features the Ramblin Gambler; an expert player who offers up his knowledge to help those that are serious about making some money from casino games.

Ever considered playing casino games as a side career? If you’re looking to go professional/semi-professional, then knowing your strategy is essential. If you’re looking to make real money from a casino game, you need to do more than rely on just luck.

The Ramblin Gambler will offer up hints, tips and strategic advice from his time in the industry to help you succeed.

Gambling With an Edge

Gambling With an Edge is a podcast that’s ideal for casual gamers, as well as those looking to go professional. The series is hosted by Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin; two professional players that have a wealth of experience in the industry.

Their goal is to help players think more strategically in order to increase their chances of winning in any casino game. Their easy to follow advice won’t overwhelm casual players but will give you a more rounded view of how to be successful.

Vital Vegas Podcast

With an honorable mention in 2017, this series is definitely worth checking out. The podcast is hosted by Scott Roeben, an amateur photographer, blogger, and Las Vegas native. And if that didn’t grab your attention, Mr Roeben was also a contestant on the 1990’s TV game show, ‘Love Connection’.

The podcast is less about hints, tips and strategies and more focused on the news side of the casino industry. If you want the latest scoop on which casino resort has just been bought out, which one’s have had a change of management and which casinos are involved in a scandal, then Roeben is your man to follow.

And for our female gamers, Roeben often co-hosts a friend called Emre who brings out the life of the podcast. Together, their insider knowledge, wit and humour make this series hard to stop listening to.

The Bettor Life

Hosted by former Marine, Tim Lawson, this podcast is great for those that like to casually play casino games for enjoyment. With a passion for the casino and sports betting industry, Lawson reports on the latest news, as well as discussing hints, tips and best practice. The tone is fairly informal and laid back, making it an easy listener too.

What’s more, Lawson has now been joined by a co-host, Eric Rosenthal. Rosenthal is incredibly thrifty and is known for providing travel hacks, credit card points advice and casino competition insights. Together, the pair deliver a very strong and well put together series that’s informative and enjoyable to listen to.

The comped Travel Casino Business Podcast

Based out of Texas, CEO of URcomped; Craig Shacklett hosts this series. The podcast has been hosted by 2018 and while it doesn’t have the largest amount of followers, it makes up for throughout.

Shacklett is an expert on the latest news, trends and strategies and often features industry experts in his podcasts as he gets them to reveal their jackpot secrets.

Seven Out Podcast

Seven Out podcast is hosted by poker tournament champion; Vinny Chenz and his friend Big Joe. This podcast is quite heavily focused on the poker world and goes into the latest tips and strategies that will help players up their game.

However, it’s also ideal for more casual players who are also looking to increase the amount of winnings they get. The podcast has in fact become one of the most popular with recreational gamblers across the globe.

Gambling News Podcast

The Gambling News Podcast is a free resource that keeps recreational players and professionals alike in the loop on all things going down in the casino industry. While it’s centered around slots, it also covers news on casino resorts, online casinos, racinos and sports betting.

Whether you play recreationally or would like to become more of a professional player, listening to podcasts is an easy way to stay on top of the latest industry news, while being able to get on with other tasks too. Be sure to check them out before your next game.

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