Looking at the best poker podcasts to download

Podcasts are becoming increasingly important in supplementing our habits and hobbies.

They scratch an itch in the times where we may be can’t actively participate in that hobby but can listen to others talk about it. Whether we enjoy golf or want to learn about philosophy, there are going to be podcasts out there that are dedicated to that niche.

Poker podcasts have been on the rise in the past few years, serving as both entertainment and education on poker strategy, tournament updates, and the lifestyle of poker players. As we will see below, some focus on just the news aspect, whilst others focus on educating players to become better.

If you’re interested in poker, it may be worth checking out some of these shows.

The Heart of Poker

The Heart of Poker by 888Poker is hosted by Kara Scott, a Canadian British journalist and poker player. The Heart of Poker taps into something that a lot of us are captivated by: the people behind the cards.

Using questions designed by psychologists, Kara tactfully gets her guests to open up and explore their personal lives. Poker players are often unique, and often double up in another profession such as acting, or TV personality. This podcast stands out because of this, as it really digs deeper into the psyche of the top-performing pros.

Guests have included the likes of Vicky Coren, Jennifer Harman, Mori Eskandani, and Vanessa Selbst. Episodes are around 45 minutes and manage to pack in a tonne of great questions and content, giving insight into who the poker stars that we follow really are.

Thinking Poker

Thinking Poker is a weekly podcast hosted by Nate Meyvis and Andrew Brokos. As the names suggest, whilst The Heart of Poker taps into the heart and personalities of poker players, Thinking Poker explores effective poker strategies.

You’re in good company too, with Andrew who finished in the money of five World Series of Poker events within six years. The podcast does contain some more general episodes too, such as exploring the journeys and writings of poker authors, meaning it’s never dry content or in a lecture-style format.

Thinking Poker is released on a weekly basis with episode lengths ranging from half an hour to over two hours.

Smart Poker Study

Again, the name says it all. The Smart Poker Study podcast is even more focused on education and strategy than Thinking Poker. The host is Sky Matsuhashi, who is an ex-teacher and has become a full-time poker coach.

This is the first podcast that doesn’t have guests, and that changes the dynamic a lot. Sky is a one-man show and has an incredible knack for communicating his ideas. Being a teacher and coach, Sky is already an expert at getting across complex ideas in a simplified way. The episodes cover topics from dealing with emotions at a poker table to how to understand your opponents.

Episodes release on a weekly basis, and there really is no better back-catalogue of free poker study content than the Smart Poker Study archive.

DAT Poker Podcast

DAT Poker Podcast is a poker podcast with a more holistic approach to content. Hosted by Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz, and Terrence Chan, DAT Poker Podcast covers topics from all around the industry; all with great chemistry between them.

Opinions, news, and strategy, DAT Poker aims to be the one-stop-shop for poker content. Occasionally there are interviews with poker pros, but generally, you’re getting lengthy 90-minute podcasts covering a wide range of topics – all of which are detailed in the description with a handy timestamp.

The show has been running since 2018 with weekly episodes, though this changed recently into bi-weekly episodes.

The Rake

The Rake is another podcast that has stemmed from a training website (Run It Once). Jamie Kerstetter and Ben Wilinofsky host the podcast together, in which they keep listeners up to date with the latest poker gossip and news of the past week or so.

This is one of the most conversational and informal poker podcasts, with laid-back conversations with guests over Zoom. Occasionally, they will venture into other peripheral topics that guests are experts in, such as eSports and trading.

The Rake is a fairly new podcast, being born in late 2019. Episodes are released weekly, though this schedule has occasionally been interrupted as of late.

All in all, there is a wide selection of poker podcasts that cover all bases, from strategy and news to personalities and interviews. It’s a good idea to experiment with the different options and see which hosts captivate your attention. This can finally be a way to bring forward our leisurely interests into our commutes, breakfasts and gym sessions.

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