The podcasts proving radio has its place at Euro 2020

With more teams than ever taking part in the continental contest, much of the focus at Euro 2020 is focused upon how to watch games—but there are other mediums to enhance one’s enjoyment of the tournament.

More specifically, radio podcasts are the football fan’s trusty companion if you’re looking to make the most of the European Championship betting, and there’s a near-limitless resource of top calibre shows to choose from.

Radio commentary possesses a unique quality when it comes to live sports, but the audio offerings between matches comprise a wealth of knowledge (and comedy) just waiting to be absorbed in one’s spare minutes.

BritishGambler presents a selection of the highest-quality football podcasts putting out world-class content during Euro 2020 betting bonanza and beyond, bringing something for every bettor in the UK —from the everyday browser to the European aficionado.

5. The Totally Football Show

No breakdown of the UK’s premium football podcasts would be complete with mention of The Totally Football Show, which has quickly developed into arguably the most famous name in the industry.

The brainchild of James Richardson—yes, that ‘James Richardson’ of Channel 4’s long-defunct Football Italia—only started in 2017, though it says a lot that the show feels a lot older and more established.

The Totally Football brand usually uploads close to daily content across its numerous slots and shows, which includes The Totally Football Show, the Totally Football League Show and Golazo: the Totally Italian Football Show.

That output has been cranked up a notch during Euro 2020 as the channel continues to produce frequent episodes with guests of consistently high quality, even pumping out multiple shows on certain days thus far.

That frequency could slow down as the group stages close and more breaks appear between matchdays, though we can only hope it’s the beginning of a new norm.

4. Football Clichés

Most football podcasts are there largely for educational purposes, where comedic moments tend to be just a happy by-product every now and then, but Adam Hurrey’s Football Clichés flips that ratio on its head.

Anyone who follows Hurrey on Twitter will know The Athletic writer to be knowledgeable and witty, but only through a 45-minute session listening to his musings is it possible to properly appreciate his craft.

Often teamed alongside journalistic cohorts like Charlie Eccleshare, James Maw and Nick Miller, Hurrey delights in analysing football from more obscure angles, often to hilarious outcomes.

After all, how else would one know that the name ‘Jack Grealish’ contains 71.4 per cent of the letters in the word ‘unleash’:

Part of The Athletic crop of podcasts, Football Clichés is for the football fan who wants to learn—just not necessarily things that will win you a pub quiz anytime soon.

3. The Football Ramble

Another key staple of most football podcast diets, there’s a reason why The Football Ramble has been alive and well since 2007, gradually increasing its output to serve the masses as demand has steadily grown.

A fortnightly show at its inception, Euro 2020 audiences will be pleased to know the channel now puts out an episode every single day, which is a godsend during a fast-paced summer international tournament.

And the Ramble would be nothing without its panel of personalities, from long-term staples like Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson, Jim Campbell and Marcus Speller, to newer faces like Jules Breach, Kate Mason and Dotun Adebayo:

Something for the armchair fan searching for informed (but funny) discussion about the current goings-on in the sport, The Football Ramble is relatable content at its best, free of the airs and graces that burden other channels.

2. Tifo Football

At the other end of that scale is the Tifo Football podcast, a show that focuses more minutely on the tactical aspects of the game, just as the Tifo name intended when it rebranded some time in 2017.

Joe Devine is the velvety voice behind most of Tifo’s popular animations that have become so popular in recent years, and he lends those audio talents as the host of its (almost daily) show:

Writers Seb Stafford-Bloor, JJ Bull and Alex Stewart are each among the show’s regular guests and help provide the kind of high-brow analysis that often sets this channel apart from many of its peers.

Whether it’s the Premier League, Conference or the Hungarian top flight Tifo Football has already garnered something of a cult following for its deep-diving diligence when it comes to data and statistics.

The dynamic between its hosts also helps in making this show and easy, often funny listen, and one that’s well-suited to the more regular uploads demanded during Euro 2020.

1. Guardian Football Weekly

Last but certainly not least, the Guardian Football Weekly holds its place as the creme de la creme of football podcasts for many, comprehensively covering Europe’s top leagues every week since 2007.

Eager to keep pace with the newer kids on the block, the show now puts out daily (sometimes twice daily) uploads discussing the essential developments at Euro 2020 and beyond—as well as plenty of the less essential stuff.

Max Rushden took over from the aforementioned James Richardson when the latter left to form his own podcast in 2017. However, the Guardian Football Weekly has lost nothing in terms of quality since then and still calls upon probably the best panel of guests and contributors in its field.

An informative production with great appeal to the everyday fan, there are good reasons as to why Football Weekly has been named the Football Supporters’ Federation’s ‘Podcast of the Year’ on at least five occasions.

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