How gambling podcasts can help players

If you are new to online casinos, you might be looking for information, such as how to play a specific game, or the best strategy for placing bets.

Gambling podcasts could be one way in which you can expand your knowledge and confidence in the online casino world. Here are a couple of reasons you might want to tune in to a gambling podcast as opposed to another medium. 


You can read game and casino reviews on sites such as whichcasino and get a good feel for the pros and cons, and how to play, but just as some people learn best visually or by doing something themselves, others learn by listening and following instructions.

You can find a wealth of informative podcasts to help you navigate new games, develop betting strategies, or compare different titles. 

You will hear both facts and opinions from experts and like-minded players, as you would get when reading written reviews, but in a convenient audio format.

Unlike watching a YouTube video, the audio nature of podcasts also means you can listen as you complete daily tasks such as cooking, exercising, or in your leisure time when you may be playing at an online casino.

Shared Interests

Anyone who starts a podcast is usually passionate and knowledgeable about their chosen subject, and gambling is no different. Whether the purpose of the podcast is reviews, betting strategies, or something else, you can be reasonably sure that the presenter has conducted research and is conveying valuable information from a place of authority. Although opinions are, of course, subjective, those in a podcast should at least be coming from a place of experience.


If you start listening to a podcast and find you are getting the information you need, but you don’t enjoy the presenter or format, you can just try a different podcast. There are many podcasts on different aspects of gambling, so you should be able to find the information you need, delivered in a format that you prefer. 

Audio Visual Descriptions

Players who are blind or partially sighted can rely on the audio visual descriptions provided by websites and YouTube videos, but they can’t be entirely sure that the information being conveyed is 100 percent accurate to what is on the screen. The quality and accuracy of audio visual descriptions on any subject can vary widely between different platforms, and mistakes could make it much harder for you to play a game or choose a casino based on inaccurate information.

Since podcasts are designed to be listened to, the information presented is much more likely to be accurately stated and presented in a way that is easy to follow.  

Responsible Gambling

Problem gamblers can also find help and advice from several podcasts on how to ensure they are gambling responsibly, and what to do if they feel that their gambling may be getting out of control. From addiction recovery to which responsible gambling technologies are the most effective, you can listen to those in the know. 

Podcasts are just one medium that players can turn to when they want to find out more about online casinos and games, but the convenience and variety available has seen the popularity of gambling podcasts increase over the last few years and we see no reason to suspect that popularity won’t continue, giving you plenty of listening options.

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