Where to enjoy non-stop Eurovision hits on the radio

Eurovision has always been a popular watch for many across Europe and the buzz and excitement of the event has entertained and inspired many generations.

With the luxury of online and streaming services there are dedicated radio stations where they, you guessed it play Eurovision songs.


This popular station plays the best of Eurovision past and present 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The online station is also the place to go for all the latest news for the Eurovision song contest.


As a dedicated Eurovision station, Eurovision radio plays music from the Eurovision Song Contest. The music, the artists, the hits, the misses – and always wind machines and key-change: Eurovision Radio is your non-stop connection to all things Eurovision.

After a recent online vote, the UK has decided on its favourite ever Eurovision song, ABBA’s Waterloo. ABBA and its affinity with the UK has always been there, so it probably comes as no surprise to see the Swedish pop group take the top spot to some people. For others, though, it was a slightly controversial result.

The likes of Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz, Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves, Brotherhood of Man’s Save Your Kisses for Me, and Sandie Shaw with Puppet on a String missed out to the ABBA track. Some fans of Eurovision think that a number of others should have potentially been subjected to a vote. The winner of Eurovision in 1974 is certainly one of the most famous names to have taken part in the competition, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the band is automatically deserving of being named the UK’s favourite ever.

Over the years, Eurovision has been graced with a whole host of memorable performances. We have, of course, been subjected to some horrific tracks which have left audiences wanting to make a cup of tea or load up a game at a live dealer casino in the UK for a few minutes instead, but on the whole, as a spectacle, Eurovision is extremely watchable. Its all-around entertainment and fun atmosphere do a great job at championing music from all around Europe.

Apart from ABBA’s Waterloo and the other tracks which missed out on top spot, which other Eurovision tracks are right up there with the very best of them? Here is a look at a few of the contenders.

Conchita Wurst – ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ (Austria, 2014)

Austria’s first winner for over 50 years at the time, Conchita Wurst is impossible to ignore. Asides from being a bearded drag queen, her powerful performance is one of Eurovision’s undoubted highlights.

She received criticism from conservative groups in the Middle East, which highlighted a variety of issues in the continent regarding homosexuality. A massive star today, Conchita Wurst’s performance was powerful both on and off stage.

Cliff Richard – 'Congratulations' (UK, 1968)

Adored by millions of people in the UK, Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’ didn’t win the competition, but there is a strong argument to suggest that he really should have done. Regardless, the track went on to become a smash hit around Europe and is widely adored even to this day. Cliff Richard might not have realised his dream in 1968, but he did an excellent job all the same.

Dana International – 'Diva' (Israel, 1998)

Breaking boundaries by being a transgender winner in 1998, Dana International’s song was the last winning track to be sung in a language other than English until 2007, with the entry causing quite a stir in Israel. As a result, Dana International required extra security and a police escort when she arrived in the UK for her performance. The Israeli pop star’s Jean Paul Gaultier feather dress will live long in the memories, too.

Domenico Modugno – 'Nel blu, dipinto di blu' (Italy, 1958)

Perhaps the most famous Eurovision song of all time, Domenico Modugno’s performance in 1958 is truly iconic when assessing the history of the competition. It ended up selling 22 million copies around the world and is still prominent even to this day.

Maneskin – ‘Zitti e Buoni’ (Italy, 2021)

The most recent Eurovision went down a storm with fans, therefore making it fairly hard to leave the winners, Maneskin, off the list. The Italian rockers offered stomping songs and flamboyant costumes, stealing the show in the process.

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