What do radio competitions and online gamling have in common?

For all of their differences, there are also a great number of similarities between the worlds of radio broadcasting and online gambling.

Yes, the former is one of the oldest forms of broadcast media while the other is a relative newcomer. But both have been able to benefit from the progress of technology.

For radio this ranges from the phasing in of digital broadcasting to the ability to communicate with listeners via social media. For online gambling operators, it means being able to offer players new and exciting ways to participate.

This progress makes it an especially good time to be involved in either field. It also means that there is a great deal for listeners and players alike to enjoy.

Something else that both have in common is a reliance on promotion and competitions, some of which can give away truly life-changing amounts of money.

Why offer promotions?

The heart of the matter is that both radio and online casinos are numbers-driven businesses. In the case of the former, commercial radio relies on high ratings to attract advertisers, and public service radio has to follow suit.

For online casinos, it’s a question of getting as many people to join them as possible. In both cases, the industries are very competitive and only
the strong and successful can survive.

A tried and trusted way of achieving this is to add some spice to the overall offering by including regular promotions.

When they’re well thought-out and appealing, these not only generate excitement, but they can also lead to greater loyalty too. This is important to both sectors because it’s a lot harder to win new listeners and players than it is to retain existing ones.

But a less business-focused appeal of competitions and promotions is that they are interesting and fun to participate in. So they offer a greater level of interaction than otherwise might be achieved. They also help to provide structure, whether that’s as a regular feature in a radio programme’s running time or as a specific section on an online casino’s website.

Although promotions and competitions have always been a staple of radio, in some ways, they’re even more at home on online casino sites. After all, the whole purpose of these is to provide somewhere that people can play and win. And isn’t that the whole essence of a competition?

They can also be tailored to particular kinds of casino games if needed. This is why so many sites aim to attract new players with a fixed number of free spins on online slots. These are undoubtedly the single most popular game on any site, so it makes perfect sense to promote them. There are also an almost endless number of different types of slots game to choose from. So, by choosing the particular ones on which to offer free spins, it becomes easier to profile and target certain kinds of players.

Other games that are very popular include roulette, blackjack and even poker. So, for these, the promotions involving free stake money are more appropriate. And, because these appeal to different kinds of players, a different kind of prize is often offered.

An analogy could be drawn between the type of radio listener who tunes into a breakfast show and one who listens to a general knowledge programme. A cash or holiday prize would be right for the former and perhaps it would be book tokens for the latter.

The main types of promotion

There are also some pretty broad kinds of similarities between the types of prizes that listeners and player can win.

The first, and undoubtedly the most popular, are cash giveaways. On radio, these can be won in a number of ways. In some it’s a question of getting quiz questions right, in others it’s for managing to identify a mystery voice. In its simplest form, it can just involve being the very first person to get through on the phone.

As already mentioned, in the world of online casinos, it’s generally more a question of offering free stake money, and this is still a very effective technique.

One particular feature of many radio promotions is the accumulator. We all know the format – the longer a competition goes on without anyone winning, the higher the prize. This not only adds value to the promotion, but it also generates greater and greater tension.

While there is no direct equivalent in online casinos, they do also feature accumulating prizes. These are generally offered by slots machines that offer what’s known as progressive jackpots. These work by linking a large number of machines together to create one mega prize, which can easily be as life-changing as the biggest of radio prizes.

Another very popular form of random prize competition that features across both radio and online casinos is the Wheel of Fortune. On radio, sound effects can make this an exciting and tense affair, while it’s a very visual kind of promotion on an online casino site. These sites sometimes include it as a game in its own right, but it is also often used as a reward for loyal players, for example being given one free spin each time they log on.

So, as you can see, there are many similarities between the sorts of promotions used both on radio and in online casinos. As for whether they’re effective, the answer is simple. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be seeing quite so many of them.

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