Format changes for 102.2 JAZZ FM and 100.4 Smooth FM

GMG Radio announces today that OFCOM has agreed to a change in the format for 102.2 JAZZFM.

The change removes the obligation for JAZZFM to ensure that ?50% of the output in daytime sits well with the term Jazz? – permitting the stations to play a much more consistent mix of music across the day. In return JAZZFM has agreed to increase the amount of jazz music it schedules in the evenings with the number of hours increasing to 45 hours a week from the present 40. The changes, which come into immediate effect, will include the extension of the flagship jazz show, Dinner Jazz, from two to three hours a night.

John Myers, CEO of GMG Radio said:

?We are delighted with this decision. Jazz music is much more of a night time listen so we put forward a compelling case to OFCOM to make some changes to our daytime offering that will allow us the opportunity to take the station forward while remaining committed to playing jazz music in the evenings and weekends?.

? Clearly, OFCOM agrees with this sensible approach and we now have a wonderful opportunity to deliver radio that remains distinctive and compelling while being commercially attractive.?

Traditional jazz will now be moved from the daytime schedule to the more appropriate evening programmes and the output during the day will now focus on a broader mix of classic and familiar soul and R&B music.

This change also applies to 100.4 Smooth FM in the Northwest.

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