Smooth scoops Powter story

Smooth Radio in the north west recently interviewed singer Daniel Powter, and discovered during the chat with breakfast presenter Chris Best, that he is a recovering alcoholic.

Daniel visited Smooth Radio to promote his new album ‘Under The Radar.’ He said that a song from the album, a duet with 4 Non-Blondes Linda Perry titled ‘Am I Still the One’ was “really about addiction, that song is about my struggles with addiction.”
When asked how he would avoid burning himself as he did with his previous album, Daniel revealed the personal demon he lives with: “You know I try to go to meetings, I go to AA meetings when I’m on the road. I have a sponsor; I have people that help me out on the road that I can talk to. Just to get through the work, you know; it’s really tough. Man, I could sit here and complain but no one’s listening and I don’t blame them, I’ve got to put my life into perspective. It’s not like I’m getting on a plane to go to Iraq tomorrow and I remember that.”
He continued; “I’m so grateful and I’m so lucky to be doing what I do. So, if that means getting a team of people around me to help me out that’s fine. I’ve got to keep myself humbled and keep it in perspective.”

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