The Pulse DJ announces exit on Twitter
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The Pulse DJ announces exit on Twitter

EXCLUSIVE: Presenter Wesley Stakes tweeted that he had “done his last show” on The Pulse this week after his replacement was announced.

The mid-morning host has left the station just a couple of weeks after breakfast presenter Alex Duffy was also replaced.

It means a new-line up on the West Yorkshire UTV station of Paul Foster and Debbie Lindley on breakfast and Danny Mylo on mid-mornings.

Afternoo Drivetime presenter Jacqui Blay remains in place, followed by network programmes from 7pm.

Paul started off at Radio Aire in Leeds before going to Viking FM in Hull and then joining UTV’s Wish FM in Wigan and St Helens. Debbie has worked at Real Radio and was also the region’s weathergirl on local television news.

Danny Mylo has worked at Galaxy for two years, and Radio Aire for 18 months.

Group Programme Director Terry Underhill told “I know we now have a winning line-up that the listeners are going to love, as Paul and Debbie are both experienced and talented broadcasters with great chemistry. Danny is one of the most exciting and promising young presenters in the UK radio industry today and I’m really looking forward to hearing him on The Pulse.”

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  1. Senior195

    Danny is a brilliant addition to the Pulse, but I think he should have been given the breakfast show instead of Paul and Debbie, who are not as good as the duo they have replaced. I don’t think the presenters who have been fired deserved to lose their jobs.

  2. Beanie Babe

    Bring back Alex and Becky the new breakfast team are dire.  They’re not innovative, they talk too much and just play CD’s anyone can do that, that’s not a talent.  Alex was a Grade A pianist, “Alex and his Organ was fab” Alex also had a great rapport with Becky Holmes, they also had some good quizzes to start the day.  The also helped boost the ratings.  Cannot understand why Alex was asked to leave (understand Becky doing news reports in afternoon).  I personally have switched off it’s that bad, it’s so predictable and mundane if they mention the fact that Debbie did the weather forecast for 14 years again I’m gonna scream! :o(

  3. Haliburton1967

    The two new presenters at breakfast are terrible. I have tried to give them a chance but they aren’t a patch on alex and becky. Sorry Pulse, but I for one am looking for another show to listen to in the morning.

  4. Sean66

    I would just like to say that you have spoilt my drive in to work. I used to look forward to my early morning drive to Bradford from Keighley, listening to Alex and Becky. I just can’t get used to this new duo, so I think it will have to be another station from now on. Terry Underhill you couldn’t have got it so wrong!

  5. LukeJT

    I am utterly shocked that Alex and Becky have gone. Their chemistry was fantastic. Alex had great comedy timing (without going totally overboard with it). He made radio presenting seem effortless, and you could tell that he was totally comfortable in his role. Becky was also fantastic. I cannot understand why ‘Mylo’ has got the position. He is annoying, talks too much, dominates the show, and his voice grates on me. He seems to be trying too hard – and it shows! I will no longer listen to the Pulse. The producers have got it SO wrong. Shame on you. Come back Alex and Becky!

  6. Debbie Lindley

    hi there! Although it’s not easy to read negative comments I really appreciate these because this way we can try to work towards giving you what you want.Ta! Debbie x


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