Apple patent lets users skip radio adverts
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Apple patent lets users skip radio adverts

A new patent was granted to Apple yesterday which would allow listeners to switch away from unwanted commercials or songs.

Apple described the U.S Patent as a way of “Seamless switching between radio and local media”. It means a device will allow a user listening to content from a radio station or “non-radio media or content sources” to skip past the sections they aren’t interested in, filling the gap with on-board media instead.

It will work out what listeners like and don’t like by creating a user profile, and even monitor the stream or broadcast and switch back at an appropriate time. Advertisements are amongst the types of content which can be replaced by audio stored on a device, such as iPhone and iPad.

From the patent: If the local media item playback is not complete when a desirable broadcast media item is detected, the electronic device can record or buffer the media broadcast and switch to the broadcast stream when playback of the local media item ends. The electronic device can play back from the buffered media broadcast, and jump back to the live broadcast at any suitable time, including for example if playback of a buffered media item ends as a desirable media item is broadcast.

But such a service could be years off, if it ever makes it into reality. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices do not offer broadcast radio although it could be part of the upcoming New iPhone, rumoured to be released next month.

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  1. matt

    I have Dish, the Hopper and LOVE the Auto Hop feature which
    has elicited so much anger from TV Networks. I understand Dish’s position
    here, that if you’re going to anger your allies in the TV industry, you BETTER deliver
    a product that will leave your customers ECSTATIC. I just don’t see this
    new idea from Apple as having that kind of widespread appeal. All they’re
    doing is taking out the ads and replacing it with more Apple stuff. I
    live with a few of my Dish coworkers, and we love the fact we get through our
    stored DVRs in about half the time without commercials. It’s great not
    having all the ads, and great saving time in the process. Even IF this
    Apple patent comes to fruition, it certainly won’t save you any time!

  2. Bonzo

    Worth reading the patent….. It’s beautifully written and wide ranging but the idea of automatically skiping commercials and songs is not really new… schemes for removing radio commercials go back to at least the 70’s there was discussion of flagging commercials for this very purpose in the early 90’s.
    If Apple market a product based on this patent it will be a continuous challenge for creative producers to outwit the product….:-)

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