Kiss to review DAB channels, Bauer says
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Kiss to review DAB channels, Bauer says

Kiss owner Bauer Media has said it will review the current transmission of Kiss on local DAB multiplexes as it launches on Digital One.

kissfmdabThe London-based station has been ‘testing’ on Digital One since December 27th and has just been confirmed as permanent.

The station stays the channels it uses on local multiplexes will be reviewed, with RadioToday sources suggesting these will be given up over time in favour of one national feed on D1.

The station has its sights set on Capital as being the biggest national youth brand, as Steve Parkinson, Managing Director at Bauer Media, commented: “By being able to transmit nationally across the country, we can realise our next ambition to be the first young targeted station available on DAB right across Britain.”

We asked if the station would remain at 80 kbps, to which a spokesperson replied: “At the moment Kiss is transmitting at 80k, though we will keep this under review alongside feedback from our audience.”

Karen Stacey, Broadcast Sales Director at Bauer Media commented: “We are thrilled that Kiss will now be reaching 85% of the population and are excited about the advertising opportunities that we will now be able to offer those wanting to reach the youth market. We fully intend to maximise on these in order to drive Kiss’ success as we look to cement Kiss’ place as the only youth radio station with true national digital coverage.”

Paul Eaton, Arqiva’s Director of Digital Radio said “As part of Arqiva, Digital One offers an effective way to connect brands and advertisers with millions of radio listeners. Bauer’s decision to launch KISS on our transmitters demonstrates it’s a key platform, alongside FM, to deliver growth in radio listening. 42% of people now have a DAB digital radio and the latest figures show it’s fitted as standard in a third of all new cars. As digital listening continues to increase, Digital One’s aim is to help Bauer deliver continued growth for KISS.”

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  1. MB

    I wonder how long it will be before they drop Planet Rock to 80k and increase Kiss to 112k on D1. Kiss has the much bigger audience of the two stations.

  2. James Martin

    Really disappointed with this (sadly expected) news. Kiss is light years ahead of Capital FM in terms of station sound, and I will miss it in stereo on the Coventry MUX. I’m afraid I can’t stand listening in mono, especially on headphones where it just sounds like the music’s in the middle of your head.

    1. MB

      There are 10 million DAB radios out there that won’t be able to receive Kiss at all if it switches to DAB+.

      A swap with Planet Rock is likely. Alternatively Bauer could buy Absolute and close the 90s station, or BFBS could disappear. The situation can change very quickly.

      1. Radio Geordie

        As I said the other week after Bauer “bought” Planet Rock – give it a couple of months before they announce that Planet Rock and Kiss will be switching signals (Kiss to stereo, Planet Rock to mono), then Planet Rock will be “merged” with Kerrang.

        I have heard somewhere that BFBS are currently in contract negotiations so expect that service to ditch DAB soon.

        Not only that, I also said that the platform will be full of Global and Bauer stations soon as the two of them would be the only companies which could afford the extortionate rates.

        1. James Martin

          I personally believe that Ofcom should step in and mandate a bare minimum of 128k Stereo for ALL services, NO exceptions. There is no regulation of technical quality and it sucks. Put it out with a listenable sound or not at all.

          1. MB

            Many stations like Jazz FM, BFBS and community stations can only afford 64k. In addition speech stations such as 5 Live, LBC and Talksport only need mono and are just fine using 64k.

            Increasing the minimum bitrate will force many stations to leave DAB – there are already large gaps on many local multiplexes. That wouldn’t benefit anyone.

  3. Brian Christopher Winter

    I do not listen to Kiss, I’m too old, but I feel sorry for those that do and have enjoyed it in stereo. It does seem that DAB has a problem at the moment with local, and regional stations for that matter closing but to replace it with a mono service is to my mind down right daft. I guess it all comes down to available space.

  4. James Vincent

    So they’re listening to their audience, how do we tell them that I’m not listening now at home, cos 80kbps is just not good enough. Gonna lose the decent out put we have on the other 3 multiplexes. Get cross overs here in south east wales. Another screw up in dab

  5. Matt

    Will Local Kiss be replaced by something else from Baurer like Kerrang, The Hits or Q or are they going to be handed to another broadcaster?
    It’s great Kiss will broadcast across the UK, it’s a lot better (weekend wise & nights) than Capital, I feel it will do better than Capital.
    Just a shame the audio isn’t as good as the locals, nothing adjustments to bass on the radio however can’t sort out!

  6. Mark Phillips

    Am I right in suggesting that 80k mono will actually sound better than 128k stereo? Obviously that’s leaving aside the channel separation issue.

    My thinking is this….

    Assuming it works like mp3 files, 80k mono is equivalent in sound quality to 160k stereo, and 128k stereo sounds the same quality as 64k mono.

    So, if you ever rip mono CDs (I’m assuming tracks from the sixties and before here), then set your ripper to 160k CBR mono and you’ll get exactly the same sounding file as 320k stereo, but at half the file size!

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