Paula White pulled off last BBC show early
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Paula White pulled off last BBC show early

Audio from Paula White presenting her last show on BBC Radio Stoke after “a couple of drinks” has been circulating online after it appeared on Radiofail.

She started her last show at 1pm Friday afternoon but 30 minutes later she was replaced after listeners presumed she was drunk. One text from a listener said “Paula you sound drunk” to which Paula replied “I’m not drunk, I’ve had a couple of drinks I’m not drunk” followed by a long laugh.

Because it was her last show Paula said she’s not playing the songs she’s suppose to play but will take requests because she’s having a party.

Computer equipment failed to work which led to moments of silence and filling.

After 30 minutes fellow presenter Dan Siegertsz appeared after a song saying Paula was not quite feeling well so took the rest of the afternoon off.

A BBC Spokesperson told “Paula White was unable to continue on-air yesterday as she was under par. Fortunately Denholm Siergertz was on hand to take over the show and listeners were able to enjoy the usual lively mix of chat and local news.

We can confirm that this was Paula’s last show in the afternoon weekday slot on BBC Radio Stoke.“


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  1. Martin Anthony Egan

    Yes, everyone behaves impeccably when something they love idoing s coming to an end. Get real. M

    1. STG

      What a moronic statement to make. Even though it’s coming to an end you should remain professional. You owe it to your listeners as much as anything. This is exactly the reason why presenters are never told when their final shows are.
      If I love driving my bus and I get the bullet you’re happy for me to have a couple before my last trip.

      1. Paul Grimsdell

        Big difference being, lives are at stake when you are driving.

        Not saying this wasn’t silly, and it was obviously unprofessional, but it was also just a wee bit funny. I doubt she’ll work in radio again, though!

          1. Stevieg

            I should imagine she will have trouble getting a job anywhere now and rightly so. Plenty of proper professionals wanting jobs.

  2. Len Groat

    It sounds like the spokesperson must also have had a drink if they really believed you could describe any BBC local radio show as “the usual lively mix of chat and local news” ?

  3. Mr X

    The real strangeness here is that the talented and professional Den (not Dan) Siegertsz was shunted off the afternoon slot to 5am a few years ago to make way for this.

    Bring back “Dinner with Den!”

  4. Michael

    The fact she was allowed to continue so long either says a lot about her normal presenting style or, even worse, the management of the station. Crazy!

  5. OS

    How on EARTH did a drunken fool manage to get to air without any of her co-workers (or, indeed, her bosses?) noticing her state? Why, then, didn’t they notice that she was drunk sooner after she reached the air, when it was quite clear she was slurring, pausing, repeating herself, stumbling, admitting she’d been drinking and struggling like an amateur with the broadcast system? This incompetence on the part of the BBC is an embarrassment to local radio. Amazing what the license fee pays for these days.

    1. TJ

      Whilst I think it is surprising she was on for as long as she was, I would warn against jumping to such conclusions and taking a boring, lazy pop at the licence fee (which clearly has nothing to do with this at all). There are so many variables at play. They may well, for all we know (and we don’t) have been playing a damage limitation game where they were trying to get her off the air without causing any further (behavioural) issues which might have arisen from having a drunk radio presenter on your hands. You have no idea! So fed up of the Daily Mailers on here talking crap.

    2. TJ

      I might also point out that the real embarrassment to local radio is Global Radio. At least the BBC had a presenter there, live, albeit pissed out of her mind. I know which I’d opt for.

  6. Matt

    sounds great if you ask me, its her last show, I would do this if I was being axed, it wasn’t her choice shes being axed.

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