Music 4 closes London production studios
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Music 4 closes London production studios

Jingle and production company Music 4 is closing its Central London studio and exiting the audio post production business.

Following a review of the business, the company says it will not renew its lease on its basement studios in Berners Street W1.

“The increasing costs of maintaining a Central London studio combined with the fact that we are using the studios less and less for our own projects has of course been a driving factor in this decision,” the company said.

Music 4 will continue to operate but can now based themselves wherever the work takes them.

Jingles created by Music 4 can be heard on Wave 105, 98FM Dublin, Spin, UTV’s network of local radio stations, U105, Radio City 96.7, Smooth FM Australia and many more.

The company also created all the jingles for the Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 and Chris’ albums.

Managing Director Sandy Beech says he’s extremely sad to say goodbye to the studios but says it’s the right thing to do at this point in time: “We have always been extremely proud of our studios in Berners Street and we have had a lot of fun there, but I now work from my own studio in Cyprus and our writers have always worked from their own facilities.

“Clients are now attending vocal sessions less and less (which were undertaken at Berners Street) so it simply doesn’t work for us to have a permanent base in Central London anymore.

“Although on one hand I am sad to see Berners Street close, this decision will open up new and exciting opportunities for us and our clients to work in many different studios around the world. For example, if we are working for a large station in Australia, we will now be able to take “Music 4″ directly to the client, hire a world class studio near to our clients base and feature local talent too when appropriate. I think this is an exciting and very positive step forward for our business”.

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