TeamRock Radio starts free WiFi petition
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TeamRock Radio starts free WiFi petition

TeamRock Radio breakfast duo Moose and JRock have started a government petition to get free WiFi enabled across the UK.

The station believes that the UK Government should start the process of developing free internet access, nationwide, with the creation of ‘super WiFi’ networks, through providers such as EE, Three T-Mobile, O2 and Virgin coming together.

Other countries, such as South Korea, already enjoy these benefits. Their Communications Commission launched a joint project with telecommunication service providers, the aim of which was to offer free Wi-Fi in public areas.

JRock is flying to Seoul on 7th July, courtesy of British Airways, to test how good their free national Wi-Fi really is. He’ll be using their “Public WiFi Free” service to try and navigate around the capital and find out more about the tourist hotspots, before flying home the next day.

He told RadioToday: “I believe that wherever you are in the UK, you should be able to log on to the internet. This initiative could also be supported by advertising to make it a commercial venture with users having to watch a 15 second video per hour before access is authorised. The UK needs to be leading the way, and this could be a great opportunity”.

jrockmooseBreakfast Show Host & Head of Radio at TeamRock, Moose, added: “TeamRock Radio believes if you simply try to catch the leader you will never get ahead.

“The future of all content delivery lies in mobile connections and in relative terms, the UK is well behind countries like South Korea. If the UK aspires to develop a competitive edge we must not aspire to emulate but rather surpass what countries like South Korea are doing. Free Wi-Fi for all would be a significant step forward for the country and all people who live within.”

TeamRock Radio needs 100,000 signatures on its e-petition for the subject to be discussed in the House of Commons. Virgin Media has already supplied free WiFi to the Underground so the idea is already in practice with the potential roll it out on a larger scale.

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  1. Oli

    Are they aware that the current “Free WiFi” or MiFi as it’s called can currently cause cancer to those surrounding the access points?

    1. Mr X

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. Free wi-fi and MiFi are two completely different things – MiFi is a device that you can carry that generates a temporary wi-fi network via the 3G mobile phone network.

      As for the cancer claim, this is far beyond the remit of this website but do a bit of research.

    2. Tim Nicholson

      I doubt it! Probably because it is unproven nonsense spread around by people how don’t really understand the technology and always prefer a good conspiracy theory to anything as mundane as facts!

  2. Seen It

    I love radio PR, as most of the time it’s very weak and atchives very little.

    Unless they have friends in the business, can’t see any national newspaper picking this up and turning it into a major national headline.

    Also nothing in life is free, it gets paid for somewhere or somehow.

    1. Tim Nicholson

      National newspapers! Seriously, what century do you live in? For this to have a chance they need social media to go viral and that just takes some clever marketing. Great idea, let’s just hope they can get some momentum. Big companies and even government are far more interested in Twitter / Facebook trends or You Tube hits than what The Sun says, those days a long behind us, thank god.

      1. Pepper Pig

        While social media can be and is useful, big companies are also starting to realise that it’s not a magic wand like marketeers though.

        That is very much backed up with massive fall in share price for Facebook for example. People who invest simply don’t think it has the bite for long term sucess as a marketing channel. It will continue to do well for it’s self, but long term investors currently don’t think it has the ability to grow tremendously.

        Now back to free wi fi for all. Who is going to cover the set up and on going overheads for a national network? Team Rock? Probably not!

  3. Lee

    As has already been said, nothing’s free – someone should pay for it, and inevitably it will be the customers of the firms that use the most bandwidth who end up footing the bill eventually I’d imagine; so Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and TV/radio broadcasters.

    But yeah, interesting dip into the world of radio PR by Team Rock.

  4. Lee

    Oh and “free wi-fi” on the tube is only free if you’re a Virgin Media customer (so you’re already paying them…) or if you’re a customer of one of the companies that pays Virgin Media for the privilege (who of course are being paid by their customers).


    And T-Mobile is a part of EE, so no need to mention them.

    Apart from that, erm, a ‘great’ article.

  5. A.Dee

    The wi fi is ‘free’ as all you have to do is watch a 15 second advert and then you get an hours free wi fi. I can put up with 15 seconds to get a good connection

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