New Wave to launch nine spin-off radio stations

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BBC backtracks on new Radio 2 Controller job

"I decided not to create a Controller position because my role is slightly different from previous directors of Radio; I won’t be on the BBC’s Executive Board and as a result I expect to be able to remain more closely involved in the direction and development of both Radio and BBC Music, to be more ‘hands-on’.
25 November, 2016 more

Audio Production Awards 2016 – All the winners

Stephen Fry was honoured with the Gold award, saying "audio is his life" whilst retired BBC Radio 2 presenter Desmond Carrington was given the Lifetime Achievement Award. Whistledown Productions took home the top Indie of the Year award.
23 November, 2016 more

Radio NewsHub team report from US Election

Director Jamie Fletcher and reporter Rachel Richter will be delivering bulletins throughout the day on Tuesday and through the night, with a result expected in the early hours of Wednesday UK time.
08 November, 2016 more