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  • Our TMS marks the Test Match Special's 60th anniversary

    Where: BBC Radio 5 live
    When: July 25, 2017 from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

    For the first time, the audience tell their stories of six decades of listening to Test Match Special. From school children surreptitiously listening in class, to whole villages in India listening during a power outage.

    People tell stories of why they love the programme, their favourite commentators and favourite moments and what the programme means to them. They also reveal how they have listened over the years - from the boy who would take his transistor radio outside the TV shop, to sailors listening to Boycott’s hundredth hundred in 1977 on the Ark Royal.

    We hear from mothers who brought children into the world to the sounds of Aggers and co, the sailor in a sinking boat pumping out sea water as Devon Malcolm took nine wickets against South Africa, people listening at Lord’s when John Arlott commentated on his final spell - as well as the many stories of people who heard the infamous ‘legover’ incident, including the listener who had it played at her funeral.

    The documentary will be followed by a round table discussion with Jonathan Agnew, Henry Blofeld and Jim Maxwell as they recall their personal highlights of TMS.

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