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  • Ed Balls' Dream Dinner Party where all the guests are dead on BBC Radio 4

    March 30, 2017 from 10:30 am - 11:00 am

    Strictly Come Dancing star and former MP, Ed Balls, hosts a gathering with a twist. All his guests are from beyond the grave, long-time heroes brought back to life by the wonders of the radio archive.

    Ed is joined by former chancellor Denis Healey, comedy legend Les Dawson, feminist pioneer Nancy Astor, Hollywood great Danny Kaye and others, for half an hour of mesmerising and unexpected conversation. They talk with him and with each other about everything from politics to cookery and from playing the piano to overcoming insecurity - illuminating a series of great lives, as well as the triumphs and vulnerabilities of a man who has gone from suffering rejection at the ballot box to becoming an unlikely national treasure via the Strictly dance floor.

    Ed Balls said: "We've all dreamt of our ideal dinner party and having the chance to bring together a group of extraordinary people from beyond the grave. Now imagine, through the magic of sound, you could actually make it happen.

    “For me, that would start with one of my political heroes, the Labour giant and accomplished pianist, Denis Healey. I wonder how he will get on with the parliamentary pioneer, the first woman to become an MP, Nancy Astor? And to lighten the mood, I'm inviting Les Dawson and Joan Rivers – I think sparks will fly! And if that is not glamorous enough, we will be joined by a man who, like me, always wanted to try his hand at new things: the Hollywood legend Danny Kaye.

    “I'm confident that hearing their voices brought back to life, laughing, joking, chatting and even arguing with me, will be both eerily mesmerising and great fun.”

    Presenter: Ed Balls
    Producers: Sarah Peters and Peregrine Andrews for Open Audio and Tuning Fork

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