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Steve Penk crowdfunds new £30k DAB station

After being told he couldn't use the name Forever FM, Steve Penk is promising the same kind of sound from Eternity Radio - and has launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise £30,000 to pay for it.

Steve Penk: Bleak future for DAB radio sales

Percentage of respondents who listen to the radio but currently have no DAB set in the home, how likely is it that your household will get a DAB radio in the next 12 months?

Steve Penk speaks his mind on Simon Mayo

Before I start, I am not somebody else bashing the BBC for the sake of bashing the BBC, this is me irritated by the arrogance of some of those who work for it.

The future of radio.. by Steve Penk

Blog: As Commercial Radio becomes the most bland and predictable it has ever been since launching in 1973, I believe the future for entertainment based content is podcasting. By Steve Penk.